28th February 2019

Recent study shows more than half of over 65 year olds claim loss of independence is their biggest worry

Do you love or care for someone over the age of 65?
We’ve discovered that 94% of this age group have concerns associated with getting older. Despite this, 60% of the younger generation (aged 40-60) say that they haven’t broached this subject with their loved ones yet.
In a study of over 4,000 UK adults, by Centrica & Carers UK, we discovered that the majority of 65+ year olds would love to remain in their own home as they age. However, their key worries are leaving the front door open, remembering their medication, forgetting to switch things off and falling over.
Increasingly, people are looking to smart home technology to help them live as they’d like to, whilst providing peace of mind to all.
Here at Hive, our Hive Link service, which was developed with Carers UK , is seeing people enjoy the benefits this can offer, and already enabling more independence.
Find out more about how Hive Link could give you and a loved one peace of mind, including a handy guide on how to start these conversations about care with your loved one.

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