29th January 2019

The new Hive app: what’s changed – and why?

Our Hive app has won awards in the past, and we’re really proud of it. But we want to make sure it continues to be the best it can be for everyone using it in the future too. Which is why our Hive tech team have been busy for months giving it a full-on refresh. And we’re pleased to say, it’s now ready for you.

Highlights of your new Hive app:

  • Easier readability
  • Quicker navigation
  • Control screens with even more functionality
  • Cleaner menus
  • Photo imagery instead of diagrams
  • Clearer colour scheme

Dashboard_ Honeycomb Mock up

Easier to read

The Hive app has a sleek new design with improved layout. The optimised user interface means the text automatically adjusts to your phone size making it really easy to read, whatever size your screen. It also now has full support for iPad portrait/landscape rotation. If you like being able to manage your home across multiple devices, the new responsive design means it will work seamlessly on more devices than ever.

Quicker to navigate

We’ve also worked on the navigation of the app. By streamlining journeys, in some cases from five steps to three, we’ve made it even quicker to get to what you need. This means you’ll have better control of the Hive products in your home and it also makes it easier to install new ones. But don’t worry, it’s not all change – we’ve also worked hard to keep key screens and journeys familiar so you won’t have to relearn how to use the Hive app.

Clearer control screens

Another big difference is the app’s control screens which now have increased functionality. This basically means you can make your Hive products do more. Settings for each device can now be found at the top right-hand side of the control screens. The improvements will also help you effortlessly switch between, schedules, actions and control using the tabs at the top of the Hive device control screens.

Cleaner menus

We’ve also had a thorough look at the menus in the Hive app to make them more accessible and focused. On the main screen, our new navigation menu is accessed from the top left and the settings for your Hive devices is on the top right. You’ll also find the ‘Groups’ tab in the main navigation menu. So as soon you’ve opened the app, it’s really quick to do what you came for.

But we also understand that everyone has their own preferences of how they like things to work, so if you want to edit your dashboard there’s now a shortcut at the bottom of the screen.

New imagery

Onboarding has been fully redesigned. Customers have told us that the product illustrations and diagrams were sometimes a little difficult to understand, so we’ve removed them and replaced them with photos instead. Much clearer. There’s also clear photography of each device at different stages of the setup process to make installation as trouble free as possible. As well as this, we’ve designed new icons for your Hive products so they’re easier to recognise and give you more clarity between devices and functions.

Improved colour scheme

Our new app looks cleaner and feels more intuitive. We’ve used clear, concise colours to simplify the interface which makes it easier to get around the app and access the things you want.

All your settings stay the same

That’s the new, revamped app in a nutshell. We hope you enjoy using it – and like always, let us know what you think. Also, remember that while the Hive app may be changing, you don’t need to change a thing: when you update the app via your app store, all your settings will stay the same.  

If you want to find out more, take a look at the customer support section of the Hive website where there’s lots more information.

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