Is your home ready for winter?

Make sure you're prepared for the colder weather with our quick heating checklist.

Check your Hive devices are online

Open the Hive app to make sure everything is working as it should be.

Any problems? These handy guides will help:

Do our super-simple boiler check

Give your boiler a quick test-drive to make sure everything's OK.

  1. On a cool evening, turn your thermostat up to 30°

  2. Set your radiators to max and wait for half an hour

  3. Now check your boiler is on and every radiator is hot

All good? Great! Your home is ready to keep things cosy this winter.

Boiler not working?

Our friends at British Gas have 6,500 engineers across the UK. You can book an expert repair for your boiler and heating - or try some of their suggested DIY fixes yourself first.

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