Going electric? Say hello to Hive EV Charging.

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Better for the planet, cheaper to run and cheaper to service. No wonder the whole world is going electric car crazy. Got your eye on your very own green-mobile? Hive EV Charging is on its way, and it’s the perfect match.

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Smarter? Greener? Cheaper? No brainer

The new 7kW EV charger brought to you by Hive is coming soon. It syncs with your Hive app to cleverly charge your car in the cheapest and greenest way. It’s installed by an experienced British Gas engineer, comes with a 3-year warranty, and just like all our smart products you’re in control with one smart app.

Your Hive app puts you in control

Charge your EV from your phone whenever you want, from wherever you are, so your EV will be fully charged and ready to go when you are. Plus you have access to daily, weekly and yearly summaries of your charging history, including whether you charged in peak or off peak hours so you can stay on top of the bills.

Charge without high charges

Hive EV Charging syncs with your energy tariff so when your green machine is plugged in at home, it automatically charges when the rate is at its lowest. Hive EV Charging works with most UK energy tariffs.

Planet friendlier

Charging during peak hours can put pressure on the power grid. We can schedule your EV charger to charge overnight, which helps the grid evenly distribute energy and gives you a higher chance of getting your energy from renewable sources.

So together, we can balance the power grid and help to build a greener future.

Fuss free, trusty installation by British Gas

Choose Hive and we’ll get everything sorted for you. We’ll help you through the entire process – from the live virtual survey with a British Gas engineer before we install your charger, to taking care of the OZEV grant paperwork for you – our experienced team are always here to help.

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