Warm Welcome Home Plan

£27.99 per month

Our Warm Welcome Home Plan includes all you need to get your home just how you like it, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. With our award-winning smart thermostat, lights, a sensor and a smartplug – plus an Amazon Echo Dot on top. Start transforming your home into a smart one today.

1x Hive Hub
1x Hive Thermostat
1x Hive Receiver
1x Hive Motion Sensor
1x Hive Active Plug
1x Amazon Echo Dot
2x Hive Active Light Dimmable
Plus Hive Live
Amazon echo dot small
Featuring an Amazon Echo Dot.

No Installation

Professional Installation

Trusted icon Installed by trusted British Gas engineers

You pay £27.99 per month, including £25.00 per month for all the kit and £2.99 per month for the Hive Live service. After 12 months you'll have paid off all your devices, so your monthly cost will go down to £2.99 per month for Hive Live.

If you have several different plans, your products might be covered twice. Hive services require broadband connection and Wi-Fi.
Early termination fees apply.
Terms Apply

Highlight 1

Manage your home from your phone - save time and energy

Highlight 2

You could save up to £130 on your annual heating bill

Highlight 3

Anyone in your home can use your Hive devices, hands-free, just ask Alexa!

Hive live included

Hive Live (included with this plan)

You will get:

Advanced features like mimic mode

Ongoing warranty on all your Hive products

10% discount on all Hive products

SMS notifications

Free delivery on all orders

Products included in this plan