The Hive guide to multizone heating

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Smart technology is helping homes around the country become more energy efficient in all sorts of ways. And perhaps the most popular is heating. So in this article we’re going to look at how multizone heating works – and how it can help you save even more than a typical smart thermostat.

What is multizone heating?

Multizone heating enables you to control the heating in different parts of your home. So during the day you can keep the living room nice and cosy without having to waste heat in your bedrooms. Normal single zone heating generally means that the temperature is the same in every room in the house.

How do multizone heating control systems work?

There are a couple of ways to create zoned heating systems. If you have two thermostats in your home (one upstairs and another downstairs, for example) then you can use multizone smart thermostats – like Hive Multizone – and control the heating for each area easily, all from your smartphone.

If you want even more control, you can use smart TRVs (thermostatic radiator valves) on every radiator to give you room-by-room control of your heating. Hive Radiator Valves are just the job for that.

What are the benefits of a multizone heating system?

In winter we all want to keep our homes warm. The problem is that often means we end up heating our whole house all the time, which can be a waste. You can manage your heating room by room. But if you don’t have smart radiator valves, that means going round every room turning individual radiators up or down all the time.

Multizone smart heating makes it easy, because you just tap your app to turn off the heating in the parts of your home you’re not using.

Ultimately that means less wasted heat, lower heating bills and a lighter load on the environment.

How do you install multizone heating?

If you want to create a multizone heating system using smart thermostats, we’d always recommend getting it installed professionally. Here at Hive, we have expert partner engineers who can set up Hive Multizone in people’s homes.

If you want to create multizone heating using smart radiator valves like ours, doing it yourself should be a breeze. Just unscrew the existing head, replace it with a Hive Radiator Valve and use the app to get it all set up.

What’s the best multizone smart thermostat?

Well, smart heating has come a long way over the last few years and there are lots of good multizone heating thermostats out there. But Hive has been there from the start. We made our first smart thermostat back in 2013 and we’ve grown to become the UK’s favourite smart thermostat brand. So, if you’re looking for top-notch multizone heating control, it probably comes as no surprise that we’d recommend our multizone wireless thermostat!

Another great thing about choosing Hive is it opens up a whole world of smart devices. So you can start using things like our Hive Motion Sensors to turn your heating up automatically when you walk into a room.

And that’s when the smart stuff gets even smarter. Head on over to the Hive website to learn more about our Smart Heating.

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