Front facing image of Hive Thermostat Mini on a black background
Front facing image of Hive Thermostat Mini on a black background

20% off Hive Thermostat Mini

Black Friday Sale

Up to 50% off
Woman sitting on a dark grey sofa cuddling a small dog in one hand and holding a smartphone in her other hand, and a Hive Thermostat Mini attached to the grey painted wall in the background, with a superimposed Hive Heating Plus logo in the bottom right corner

Hive Heating Plus

Get personalised tips to boost your heating’s efficiency, set budgets, and track your energy use to save £26 a month this winter.[2]

Up to 20% off
Pair of striped blue and white welly boots leaning against a white radiator, with a Hive Radiator Valve superimposed in the bottom right corner

Hive Radiator Valves

Control the temperature in each room individually and stop wasting money on heating the spaces you’re not using.

Up to 10% off
Dark blue car sitting in driveway in front of a brown brick house with a charging cable attached to the car from a unit on the wall, with a Hive EV Charger superimposed in the bottom right corner

Hive EV Charging

Get ready for the road with Hive EV charging at home. It automatically syncs with your tariff, so you charge when it's cheapest.

Making your favourite brands feel at home

Hive works with what you have

If you already have smart technology in your home like Amazon Echo, Google Home or Philips Hue Lights, our devices will connect easily - making your home even smarter.

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[1] Savings based on top 10% of Hive customers based on current Energy Price Guarantee rates for gas (10.3p per kWh). Actual savings will vary depending on individual circumstances.
[2] Over half of users who set a savings target, saved an average of £26 per month, between Oct 2020 and May 2022 excluding June, July and August 2021. Savings achieved could be higher or lower depending on the weather, previous energy usage, energy tariff, home and heating system properties and home heating habits.
[3] 50% off the Hive Heating Plus annual plan and up to 20% off other selected products. Offers cannot be used on pre-existing orders or in conjunction with any other offer. Offer ends 30th November 2022. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply – see
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