The wellbeing benefits of a colour changing light bulb

Table lamp sat on a bedside table next to a metal bed with a pink light coming from the lamp and green stars stuck to the wall in the background

The wellbeing benefits of a colour changing light bulb

There’s no doubt smart colour changing light bulbs are great fun. One swipe of your smart home app and you can turn your dining room into a disco… or the kids’ room into a light-fuelled intergalactic time portal. However, the fun part is just the start. Colour changing light bulbs have health and wellbeing benefits too. Benefits that can make a positive, practical difference to everyday life.

Rising light for waking

Our bodies evolved to wake with the sunrise, but these days we tend to startle them into action with the beep of a phone or the ring of an alarm clock when we have to get up.

A colour changing light bulb can take you a little bit closer to the rhythms of the natural world - and in doing so make mornings a lot less stressful.

You can set them to automatically turn on, then alter their tone from a soft hue to bright white so you wake up gradually – and naturally – feeling ready for the day.

Purple for productivity

Purple light stimulates the creative juices. So it’s great if you need to solve a problem at work – or for sparking your imagination if you’re reading a book.

Green for less stress

Green light means there is less stress on the eyes so it calms mind and body. It’s great for meditation and yoga, for example. It’s also supposed to reduce pain by stimulating the flow of enkephalins – the pain-killing chemicals produced by the body.

Orange for sleeping

According to Dr. Michael Grandner, a member of the Behavioral Sleep Programme at the University of Pennsylvania, having an orange-hued light on in your bedroom before you hit the pillow can really help. Its frequencies are the opposite to those emitted by daylight so it naturally makes you feel drowsy.

It’s all about circadian rhythms

Circadian rhythms are our internal clocks. They cycle between sleepiness and alertness throughout the day, depending on which hormones are being released. And different coloured lights can affect the release of these hormones, either complimenting or disrupting our natural cycles.

With a remote or an app

Finally, if you’ve done any research into coloured bulbs, you may have come across colour changing light bulbs with a remote. They do the job. However, the really smart options are bulbs you control through your phone on a colour changing light bulb app… like ours. Take a look at Hive Colour Changing Light Bulbs if you think you need a new kind of light in your life.

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