A fusion of form and function

The Form

Innovative design meets intuitive control.The new Hive becomes an integral part of your home, and your life.

The Surface

Resembling a small mirror, the surface discretely blends into your home, literally reflecting your environment.

The Display

Press a button or the dial and watch as the LED display seamlessly appears through the mirrored screen.

The Dial

An iconic feature of British thermostats, the dial is re-imagined for a new era. Intuitive to use, designed to be touched.

Your Hive Kit

Hive Thermostat Kit

Your Hive Active Heating™ comes with the sleek thermostat, receiver and hub. They work together so you can control your heating and hot water remotely. And it's all covered by a one year warranty.

Clever control, anytime, anywhere

Packed with clever features, the award winning Hive app makes controlling your heating and hot water easy, wherever you are.

Upgrade or Buy Hive Active Heating™

Joining the Hive family

If you're new to Hive, you can buy the full kit for £249, which includes professional installation.You can arrange your own installation but please remember that Hive should always be installed by a qualified professional.

Already part of the Hive family

If you already have Hive, it’s easy to upgrade to our new thermostat. It’s also easy to install yourself using our instruction guide.

Existing Hive customers

Upgrade to Hive Active Heating™



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New to Hive

Buy Hive Active Heating™

Thermostat + Hub + Receiver + Hive app + Professional Installation


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I'm an engineer and I want to install the Hive kit myself >

Which colour will you choose

A range of colours by Dulux

Click a colour to preview how it will look on your Hive thermostat, then choose the frame that complements your home.

Hive Frame - Moroccan flame

Add a dash of colour to your Hive thermostat by accessorising it with a coloured frame.  Our range of 11 colours all come from the Dulux Feature Wall range.  Or you can choose our special Wood Effect frame.

Hive Thermostat Frame


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