Wave goodbye to wasted energy.
Say hello to Hive Active Heating™

Hive Active Heating™ is built for busy lives. Using innovative technology it lets you control your heating and hot water remotely from your smartphone, tablet and laptop.

Clever and easy to use - it's control you can count on.

When you buy Hive Active Heating™ the kit is professionally installed alongside your existing heating system by a British Gas engineer. Then you can start controlling your heating and hot water on whatever device you choose. And there's no need to switch your energy supplier.


including professional installation worth £80

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Hive Active Heating™ without installation is also available for only


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Hive Active Heating™ requires installation by a qualified professional.
If you'd prefer to make your own arrangements, Hive can be purchased for just £159
For more information and to order please call us on: 0800 980 0649

With a few taps on the app, a click on the dashboard or a simple text you can wave goodbye to wasted energy. And you could save up to £150 a year on your energy bills.

Switch it on or switch it off.
Turn it up or turn it down.

Whenever you want, wherever you are. At work, on the train, in the pub or even on holiday. And when the day is over - manage everything from the comfort of your sofa or bed. Your home will always be the perfect temperature.