What is a smart home camera and smart home monitoring?

Discover the uses and benefits of home security cameras for home monitoring

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Smart home monitoring devices keep an eye on your home when you’re away, so you can check in and control your home remotely. Smart monitoring devices are quick and simple to set up, plus you can control them easily from your smartphone.

What is a smart home camera?

Smart cameras are designed to give you peace of mind by keeping an eye on your house around the clock. You can choose from a smart indoor camera or smart outdoor camera - they’re very similar but are designed to live in or out of the home. Both of these types of cameras will pick up motion and notify you when they detect someone in the area.

Hive View, our smart indoor camera, automatically starts recording if it detects motion or sound. You can set Hive View to only detect people, so if your dog is at home during the day, he won’t set off any alerts. Hive View can even send a snapshot image straight to your phone when it records a person. Plus, you can check in any time you like with the live streaming feature.

Why should I buy a smart home camera?

A smart camera is a fuss-free solution, allowing you to check at the tap of a button that your home is secure. Smart cameras let you know what’s going on in your house or notify you when someone walks through the front door - perfect for people who work late or who aren’t at home during the day. A smart camera can also be used for:

  • Peace of mind – check that all is well at home and that everything is as it should be

  • Post – if the postman leaves a parcel outside your house, you can check where it is on your smartphone

  • Pets – make sure the dog isn’t jumping up on the sofa, or the cat isn’t clawing the curtains

  • Children – check the kids are safely home from school

  • Family – relax knowing that your loved ones are safe at home

Combine a Hive View with a Hive Motion Sensor for even better home monitoring. A motion sensor will also send a notification to your smartphone when it detects movement and you can check the status of activity in the Hive app at any time. A Hive Window or Door Sensor is great when you want to monitor who is coming in and out of your home. Link them up with a smart camera and you could even start recording automatically. when your front door is opened or closed.

How does the Hive smart camera work with my phone?

To set up your Hive indoor smart camera, all you have to do is download the relevant app to your smartphone, follow the install instructions and you’re ready to go. You can also use a tablet or a computer to control your smart camera.

Is a smart camera easy to install?

Yes – all you need is an internet connection and the relevant app downloaded on your smartphone. You may also need a smart hub which connects to your WiFi to use all the features of your smart camera. Usually smart home hubs only work with your chosen brand’s devices, so if you’re looking to buy something from a new brand, just bear in mind you may also need a new hub.

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