Hive View Outdoor

Protect your home with our smart outdoor security camera.

An extra layer of security

An outdoor camera can help keep your home secure and give you more peace of mind from wherever you are. Our weatherproof Hive View Outdoor security camera features night vision, 1080p HD livestreaming, person detection, smartphone notifications, two-way audio and more.

See what's happening day or night

With automatic night vision see what’s happening at any time. Livestream in 1080p HD straight to your smartphone.

Play a Sound

Scare away an unwanted guest with the Play a Sound feature on the Hive app. It triggers a pre-recorded siren or dog barking sound through your camera.

Smartphone notifications

Get a notification when your camera detects people, motion or sound. It can even send a thumbnail image when a person is detected, so you know if it's a stranger or the kids back from school.

Hassle free installation

With a ladder and some tools, you can set up your Hive View Outdoor camera yourself and start using it right away.

Hive View Outdoor installation guide

Monitor what matters with Activity Zone

Set the specific areas you want your camera to focus on, so it’s not triggered by unimportant things. So if your camera's field of vision covers your street as well as your front door, you can easily set it to only send an alert when there’s activity at the door.

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See something? Say something with two-way audio

Speak to whoever's at your door from the Hive app. Tell the delivery driver where to leave your package or an unwelcome visitor to go away, even if you're not at home.

Access footage longer with Hive Video Playback Membership

Watch and download whatever your Hive View camera has captured from the past 30 days. Plus get extended warranty and exclusive discounts. Choose monthly payments from € 3.99 and save more with an annual membership.

Get 25% off when you add Hive Video
Playback Membership.

Bring your home to life

Hive products work brilliantly on their own, but they're even better when they work together to get your home working seamlessly around you.

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[1] Offer cannot be used on pre-existing orders or in conjunction with any other offer. Offer ends 30th August 2019. If you choose to cancel Hive Video Playback Membership within cool-off, we reserve the right to recover the 25% discount given on the Hive View. Terms apply - see
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