The Hive View smart indoor camera

Look after your home and your family with our wireless smart indoor camera.

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Look after your home and your family with our wireless smart indoor camera.

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So many ways to check in when you want

Whether it's making sure your furry friends are behaving or keeping away unwanted guests, Hive View helps you keep your home secure. Get a notification when there's unusual activity, so you can check the livestream and download footage for your records.

An extra layer of security inside your home

It’s now easier than ever to monitor your home with an indoor camera, so you can see who’s coming and going, or check to make sure the dog's not on the sofa again.


Peace of mind when you’re away

If your camera detects motion or sound when you’re out, your Hive View camera will send an alert to your smartphone, tablet or laptop and automatically start recording.

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Fits seamlessly into your home

Hive View is easy to set up, so you can place it on a shelf or mount it on a wall. And with up to 1-hour of built in battery life, you can grab the camera off the base and easily move to another room.

Available in black & brushed copper or white & champagne gold

Black &
Brushed Copper

Black & Brushed

White &
Champagne Gold

White &
Champagne Gold



See what's happening day or night

With automatic night vision, see what's happening at any time. Livestream in 1080p HD with a 130° wide angle lens, person detection, two-way audio


Choose your Activity Zone

Set the specific areas you want your camera to monitor, so it’s not triggered by things that don’t matter. Keep your camera focused on the stairs so you know if the dog’s wandering where it shouldn’t.


Video Playback

Securely watch and download your own footage, so you always have complete control. Get 30 days of storage starting from €3.99 per month.

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Over 1.5 million Hive users worldwide


One app to manage all your Hive devices


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Works with Amazon Echo, Google Assistant and IFTTT products

Want to know more?

Here are the answers to a few key questions, to help you have your Hive View up and running in no time.

Like all our products, our smart cameras are really simple to set up. Just follow our in-app guide or find the fitting instructions here, along with some hints and tips here.

Need a helping hand or some extra peace of mind setting up your Hive View Outdoor? No problem. You can get an expert engineer to do it all for you.

Yes. We have robust security measures in place to protect your personal information and stop anyone accessing your Hive View or Hive View Outdoor camera.

  • Every Hive View and Hive View Outdoor camera is secured using a unique certificate to prevent unauthorised access.

  • Your videos are uploaded securely online using the latest industry standard protocols (TLS 1.2 and higher) and encrypted using the latest standards (AES-128). The videos and the encryption keys are held in separate secure areas.

  • Videos are transferred encrypted to the Hive app which then decrypts the video while playing. This means that videos are never available to play in un-encrypted format.

  • We delete all videos that we don't need to store and that are no longer available in your Hive app.

  • If you cancel your Hive online account or remove Hive View or Hive View Outdoor from it, we delete all videos that have been recorded.

  • Your Hive View or Hive View Outdoor camera is uniquely linked to your Hive online account. This means no other user can add your camera to their account. Hive View has to be removed from the current account before it can be added to another one. So, if your camera is stolen, it cannot be used by anyone else.

If your Hive View or Hive View Outdoor loses Wi-Fi connectivity, the app will notify you that that camera is offline. The camera will not monitor or record events until your broadband connection is restored.

If your camera was recording before it lost its Wi-Fi connection then you'll be able to view this video clip in the Hive app, up until the moment the camera went offline.

If your Hive View or Hive View Outdoor camera loses power, the app will notify you that the camera is offline.

Hive View has an internal battery that will allow it to continue monitoring for up to 60 minutes without mains power. Hive View Outdoor has no internal battery and will go offline immediately when it loses power.

If your camera was recording before it lost power then you'll be able to view this video clip in the Hive app, up until the moment the camera went offline.

If someone steals your camera, they won’t be able to view or alter your camera’s saved video. If your camera was unplugged, you can simply plug it back in and it will automatically reconnect to your Wi-Fi and start monitoring. You won’t need to go through setup again.

When motion, people or sound are detected, Hive View and Hive View Outdoor record a video from 5 seconds before to 10 seconds after the activity event ends.

  • If another event is detected during recording, the recording extends.

  • The recording finishes after 10 seconds of no activity

  • After 10 minutes the recording will finish and a new recording will begin if activity continues

  • If the camera loses network connection, the camera will continue recording video until that event ends, up to a maximum of 10 minutes. It will then not record any further events until the camera is back online.

Hive View and Hive View Outdoor will only record when:

  • Switched on at the unit and connected to broadband

  • Camera monitoring is on

  • Motion, person or sound detection is turned on

Recordings can be accessed at any time, whether the camera is online or offline.

This excludes recordings that started but didn't finish before the camera went offline.

It also excludes recordings outside your 30-day camera history (if you have Hive Video Playback membership) or 24 hours earlier (if you have standard 24-hour playback).

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