A new Light Bulb Moment!

Hive active LED light bulbs

The Hive Active Light™ family just got bigger! The new members come with a range of new features. They can change colours, or tune from cool to warm white.

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Hive active LED light bulbs


Our new smart bulbs are a breeze to install, simply replace your existing light bulb with a bayonet or screw Hive Active Light™ bulb, and pair with your Hive Hub.


You'll now be able to set-up schedules, dim intensity, tune light warmth, and create coloured moods. Of course, you can also switch them on or off, anytime, anywhere.


Our smart light bulbs use less energy to light up your room, and can be controlled remotely to help you save on energy bills.

Let there be Lights!



Our smart LED Hive Active Light™ bulb lets you set-up schedules, dim your lights, and switch them on or off anytime, anywhere from your mobile, tablet or laptop.

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Cool to Warm White

Change the colour of our connected bulbs from a cool to a warm white light to suit your mood and time of day.

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Colour changing

The Hive Active Light™ colour LED light bulbs allow you to set them to any colour you can imagine, fitting every mood. They are specially built to reduce shadowing, so they can fill any room with the colour you’ve selected.

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Choose your Hive Active Light™


Hive Active Light™ 9W

A smart LED bulb you can control from your mobile, tablet or laptop. Set schedules and dim levels too.


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Cool to Warm White 9W

Full White Colour change to create the scenes to suit your mood and time of day.


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Colour Changing 9.5W

Full RGB and White colour changing in a single lamp to create the scenes to suit your mood and environment.


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Clever control, anytime, anywhere

the Hive app smart lighting control module the Hive app smart lighting dimmable lighting module Set White Temperature Set Colour the Hive app lighting scheduling module Actions



Set White Temperature

Set Colour

Set Schedules



Switch your lights on or off with the Hive app, wherever you are.

Don’t forget to download the latest version of our App so you can enjoy all the latest features.

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Hive hub

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