Hive Actions

Imagine turning on your music by walking through your front door. Or switch on the hallway lights by stepping out of your bedroom in the night.

Bring your home to life with Hive Actions

With Hive Actions, your Hive products come to life, working together magically without you having to do a thing.

You can set up Actions really easily. The Actions section of the Hive App makes it effortless to link up your lights, sensors and plugs so that your home responds to you however you want it to. So what will you do with yours?

Hive actions

What can you do with Actions?

How to set up actions

How to set up actions

  1. Open the Hive App.

  2. Tap 'Actions' in the menu.

  3. Tap 'Add a new action' and choose which type of Action you would like.

  4. Confirm which devices you’d like to use in the Action, then tap Save.

Midnight Missions

Set Off Switch off

Welcome Home - Motion Sensor

Welcome Home - Window or Door Sensor