Hive Radiator Valve

Order our new smart radiator valve so you never have to heat an empty room again.

Smart heating for every room

Hive Radiator Valves let you manage your heating room by room, all from your smartphone. They're easy to self install and simple to pair with Hive Active Heating for even more control.

Up from the app

If you have Hive Active Heating you can use Hive Radiator Valves to turn up the heating in a room even if it’s outside your normal heating schedule.

Schedules for specific rooms

Set specific temperatures or schedules in different rooms to keep everyone comfortable.

No more guesswork

Set the exact temperature you want each room to be in degrees, rather than just selecting a setting between 1-5.

Only heat rooms when you need to

Don’t waste money heating an empty spare room. With the Hive Radiator Valve you can keep the radiator turned down until just before your guests arrive.

Manage it all from your smartphone

If you realise you’ve left the heating on in room you don’t need, just turn the radiator off via your Hive app, without affecting the heating in the rest of your home.

Works with or without Hive Active Heating

Hive Radiator Valves work best with Hive Active Heating. But if you don't have our smart thermostat, you can still use our radiator valves to keep rooms cool while you heat the rest of the house.

Installation in an instant

Simply unscrew your existing TRV head and replace it with a Hive Radiator Valve.

Hive Radiator Valve installation guide

Get into a tight spot

Fit Hive Radiator Valves on hard-to-reach radiators so you’re able to control them with ease, and without having to wrestle the furniture.

Bring your home to life with Hive Actions

Meet Hive Actions, clever little ways to connect your Hive devices together and get your home working seamlessly around you. Leaving you to get on with the good stuff.

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Multipack savings

Manage every room for complete control over your entire home.

Multipack savings

Manage every room for complete control over your entire home.

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