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Smarter heating. Smaller bills.

Cut your bills and your carbon footprint with our award-winning smart heating.

Our smart heating heroes

Everything you need to get smarter with energy

Use less, relax more, with our next generation of smart tech.

Hive Thermostat

Save energy and money with our original smart thermostat.

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Hive Thermostat Mini

All the energy-saving benefits of smart heating, for less.

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Hive Radiator Valves

Save even more by never heating an empty room again.

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Hive Heating Plus

Supercharge your savings with personalised budgets and more.

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Which thermostat is right for you?

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Hive Thermostat Mini


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Hive Thermostat


Pick your controls

Mobile, voice & manual

Easy control using the Hive app, or hands-free using your Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and more.

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Mobile, voice & enhanced manual

Full app and voice control as standard, plus the added option to set heating schedules directly on the thermostat.

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Unlock even more savings

Hive Heating Plus – try it for free!

Smart heating made even smarter

Pair your Hive Thermostat with a Hive Heating Plus subscription and get exclusive access to tailored insights, budgeting tools and more to lower your energy bills – and your carbon footprint.

Save an extra £78 on average this winter

Hive Heating Plus learns your habits and gives you personalised tips to save energy every day. Then use the Budget Tracker to set monthly targets and check your usage, week by week.

See how you’re helping the planet

The new Carbon Calculator makes it easy to track your home’s impact on the environment. Make greener choices every day and see the difference you’re making in simple, real-world terms.

Make your heating more efficient than ever

We’ll recommend small, simple changes to your heating schedule to help you use less energy, without sacrificing comfort. We’ll even estimate how much money you could save over the year.

Our Hive of products work better together

How we make your heating more efficient

Hot water tank

Make your hot water tank smarter with a Hive Thermostat. If you’re on the way home, get alerted to turn on your hot water so it’s ready when you get back.

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Choose between our original Hive Thermostat, or our new Hive Mini. Both give you total control of your heating via our award-winning app. So you can stay cosy for less.

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Heat Pump

Air source heat pumps are the greenest and most efficient way to heat your home. And now our friends at British Gas are installing them in many parts of the UK.

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Window/Door Sensors

Cut down on wasted energy with smart sensors on your windows and doors. Set it to automatically switch off the heating if you open a window to help save on bills.

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Boiler & Heating

Both of our Hive Thermostats work with your current boiler to put your heating in the palm of your hand. So you’ll never waste money heating an empty home again.

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Motion Sensors

Get your whole home working seamlessly to save energy. From automatically switching off the lights when you go to bed, to turning down radiators when you leave the room.

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Radiator Valves

Transform the way you heat your home with Hive Radiator Valves. Set different temperatures in different rooms and schedule them to only come on when they’re really needed.

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Smartphone lying down showing heating information on the Hive app, on a white background Smartphone lying down showing heating information on the Hive app, on a white background

The Hive App

The Hive app allows you to control our smart devices from wherever you are, so it's easy to get everything just right.


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