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Hive Smart Light Bulbs product

Hive Lights


Upgrade to our smart LED lighting and boost your home’s efficiency in seconds. Choose from handy spotlights to colour-changing bulbs — and set the mood without flicking a switch.

A large home kitchen with Hive spotlights lighting the room

The perfect light, whatever your mood

A Hive Home customer using the Hive App to control their smart home devices

Energy-efficiency built in

All our Hive Lights use efficient LED technology – and you can see exactly how much energy they’re using at any one time. Making it even easier to keep a cap on your energy use and save on bills. Making it even easier to keep track of your energy use and save on bills.

A Multicolour Hive Home smart light in a child's bedroom

Light your home, your way

Our Hive Lights come in three different colourways, so you can set the perfect atmosphere – whatever you’re doing.

Multicolour: Get creative with your lighting with a full spectrum of colour for every mood – from dramatic reds, to energising greens or calming lavender.

Warm-to-cool: Stay focused while you work from home with cool white light during the day. Then dial up the warmth for cosy evenings on the sofa.

Dimmable: Create the perfect ambience over dinner, or dim the lights for the ultimate movie night. All without leaving your seat.

Hive Smart Lights in a home kitchen

Quick to install, simple to use

All our Hive Lights are designed to fit just like any other bulb – no tricky DIY needed. Then just link them with the Hive app and you’re ready to go.

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