How Hive Can Help You Have A Relaxing Summer

An even easier life is waiting for you

How Hive Can Help You Have A Relaxing Summer
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It's summer. Which means you're probably not using your Hive Active Heating at the moment. But did you know there are other Hive products that are even easier to use and just as life changing?  Here's how they can help you have a carefree couple of months – exactly how summer is meant to be.


No more 'did I, didn't I?'

Plug things like lamps, hair straighteners and irons into Hive Plugs and you can use your Hive app to make sure they're turned off when you're out. So you'll never have that horrible 'did I, didn't I?' feeling again.

Your night-time cool breeze

The heat keeping you awake? Plug your fan into a Hive Plug and you can turn it on using your Hive app without having to get out of bed.



See what's happening, day or night, inside or outside

With Hive View and Hive View Outdoor cameras, you can relax in the knowledge that you can check the kids are playing safe in the garden while you're indoors, make sure your neighbour feeds your cat while you're away, and other things that may distract you from relaxing in the sun.



Control your lights from wherever you are

Turn Hive Lights off on your way out, or on your way home, or, better still, set schedules so they work around your summer plans.

Make it look like there’s always someone home

Off on holiday or out for the evening? Set Mimic mode and your Hive Lights will turn on and off randomly to make it look like someone’s in. So you can have a worry-free time.


An even easier life is waiting for you

Have a relaxing summer with Hive

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