How intelligent energy management can save you money

Technology is getting smarter. So smart in fact, that innovative systems and devices that use intelligent energy management, also known as Demand Side Response (DSR), can help you save money. And it can help you make it too. With devices that connect to the grid, such as EV chargers, heat pumps and solar panels, you can give energy you don’t use back to the grid. And get paid for it, without having to do a thing.

Clever ways to save with Demand Side Response

DSR can help you use energy more efficiently, so you can shave even more off your bills. This is done by encouraging you to use energy during cheaper periods. For instance, it’ll cost more to heat water for showers in the morning or early evening. So by heating up your water tank in the afternoon before everyone returns home, or charging your EV overnight when it’s cheapest - it’ll all help in reducing your overall energy bill.

Encouraging self-consumption

DSR also helps you stay self-sufficient, so you can reduce your reliance on the grid. If you have devices that generate electricity, such as solar panels, DSR technology works in the background to make sure that your home and other devices use the energy that you’ve generated yourself, rather than taking it from the grid. By using your own self-generated energy, you’ll take less from the grid and will pay less on your overall energy bills. Energy suppliers are already encouraging this, such as British Gas and their PeakSave scheme.

Make money by sharing with the grid

Yes, you can actually make money through DSR. Your devices can react to the needs of the grid when it’s under or over-used, by increasing or decreasing your energy consumption. And the grid pays you for it. Even better, you don’t need to do anything. Your DSR provider does all of this in the background and makes sure your home isn’t affected. So you can keep on running your home as normal and get paid for it.

More opportunities to earn are coming

In the future, you’ll be able to export any of your excess energy to the grid. Different electricity markets will be able to bid on it, so depending on how much energy and the electricity prices at the time, all that energy you don’t use will come back to you as extra cash.

Learn more about Intelligent Energy

If you want to know more about innovative ways of managing demand on the electricity grid, read up about the national grid. We’re continuing to work on making DSR more accessible to peoples’ homes. Learn more about intelligent energy management and our DSR offerings here.

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