How Hive Can Help You Make Your Home More Secure This Summer

An even easier life is waiting for you

How Hive Can Help You Make Your Home More Secure This Summer
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It's summer. Which means you're probably not using your Hive Active Heating at the moment. But did you know there are other Hive products that are even easier to use and just as life changing?  Take security as an example. With Hive you can keep an eye on your home and make it less of a target – all from the same Hive app you already use.

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See what's happening day or night, inside or outside

With Hive View and Hive View Outdoor cameras, you have livestream in 1080p HD and automatic night vision on your smartphone. So you can check what's going on whenever, wherever.

What's more, you'll know as soon as something happens

Because the moment your camera detects motion or sound, it will send a notification to your smartphone.

And you can even scare away unwanted visitors

By using the Play a Sound feature on the Hive app, you can greet unwanted visitors with the sound of a siren or dog barking from your Hive View camera.



Make it look like there’s always someone home

Off on holiday or out for the evening? With Hive Lights, you can turn your lights on and off from anywhere via the Hive app. Or, better still, set Mimic mode and they’ll turn on and off randomly to really make it look like someone’s in.



Or bring your home to life

By plugging things such as your radio, lamps and TV into Hive Plugs to make it look like your home is alive and bustling with activity.


An even easier life is waiting for you

Keep your home secure this summer with Hive

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