Extra tips for choosing a front door security camera

Image from the viewpoint of a Hive Outdoor Camera with a delivery man at the front of a house smiling and carrying a brown parcel

When you’re choosing a front door camera, the main features you should look for are instant alerts, livestreaming and two-way audio. But in this article, we’re going to explore a few other things worth thinking about if you still can’t decide what camera to choose.

Hide your camera or use it as a deterrent

The best smart front door CCTV cameras are weatherproof, compact and lightweight. And that means that as long as they have a Wi-Fi signal, you can put them anywhere you like.

Some people like to keep their cameras high and hidden so they can catch thieves in the act. However we always recommend keeping cameras visible so they act as a deterrent. About 9 feet should be high enough for snoopers to see – but also close enough to get high quality footage.

Whether you want to use your door security camera as a deterrent or keep it hidden, make sure it’s easy to install in the right spot.

Get the full picture with a wide field of vision

Wireless door cameras may be small but many have a surprisingly wide field of vision which is important for covering more of your home. For example, the Hive View Outdoor has a 130° wide angle lens which means if you have it angled in the right way you could have it pointing at a downstairs window as well as your front door.

Having a wide angle lens doesn’t necessarily mean that your camera will be triggered every time something crosses its field of view. A lot of front door security cameras, like ours, have Activity Zones which enable you to choose certain areas for your camera to monitor. So it can keep an eye on your front door and garden path – but not the street.

Installation should be easy

Most smart devices worth their salt are designed to be easily installed by you – and smart cameras are no different. Before you begin, remember your door camera will connect to Wi-Fi. So if you live in a large house and the router’s a long way away, make sure you can still connect. Below are the basic steps for setting up Hive View Outdoor (which is similar to most wireless front door cameras).

You’ll need:

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • A power drill

  • Drill bits (for our camera you need 6mm and 12mm)

  • A ladder

First, drill a hole through the wall for the power cable. When that’s done just thread it through then secure it to the wall with your cable ties. Now drill a hole for the wall mount, insert the washer and screw and slot the mount into place. Finally, connect the camera, plug in the power and tighten the security screw.

That’s it – as long as you’re comfortable with a power drill and don’t mind ladders it should be fairly straightforward to set up yourself.

A smart camera is just the start

Hive don’t just make smart cameras, we have a whole family of smart devices like lights, thermostats and sensors. And the great thing is that you can connect them all together. Find out more about all our devices, as well as our smart front door camera, over on our shop.

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