Smart home security tips for your garage

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Whether you use a garage to store your car, sports equipment or all those things your partner wants to throw away, but you know will come in useful one day, they’re a great asset to any home. But, despite containing your most prized possessions, standard garage door security locks are often weak and easy to break. So in this article we’re going to run through four simple ways you can improve your garage door security using smart home devices.

Step up your garage security with smart lights

If you’re wondering how to make your garage secure, one of the easiest places to start is by installing a few smart lights.

Burglars often try and gain entry under the cover of darkness, so they can spend time tinkering with your lock unnoticed. Shine a light on the situation and they might not be so keen to hang around.

For this, you’ve got a few different options to consider. You can either set up some smart motion sensor lights on the path that leads to the garage which will turn on automatically when someone approaches.

Or you can install smart lights and then set a schedule so they turn on and off at the same time each day. Both options have proven to be just as effective and are a quick way to beef up everything from up and over garage security to sectional doors.

Check your garage is closed with a window and door sensor

If you’re often to be found lying awake at night wondering if you shut the garage door, then this one’s for you. Installing a window sensor is a quick and easy way to check it’s closed and gives you peace of mind wherever you are.

Our Hive Window or Door Sensor comes with adhesive pads, so it only takes a minute or two to fit. Then follow the instructions in the Hive app to get it up and running. Once you’re set, you’ll be able to check your smartphone to see if the garage door is properly shut. And, even better, you’ll get sent an alert the moment someone tries to open it.

Install a smart camera for 24/7 garage surveillance

Security cameras are a great way to ward off unwanted visitors. In fact, they’re widely considered to be the number one deterrent for burglars – so are likely to put anyone off before they’re even called into action.

A motion-activated smart camera, like our Hive View Outdoor, starts recording the moment it detects people, movement or sound. It will then send you a notification so you can livestream what’s happening on your phone. It also comes with night vision, so you’ll get a clear picture of exactly what’s going on whatever the time of day.

Link your smart devices together for an extra layer of protection

One of the things we love most about smart home devices is that it’s really easy to connect them up so they work together.

For example, you could link your Hive View Outdoor to your Hive HomeShield and it will work just like a garage alarm. So as soon as the sensor in the camera detects movement it triggers your Hive Siren.

Alternatively, if there’s a room in your house that overlooks the garage you could link a motion sensor on the outside to smart lights inside. Then any potential thieves will think they’ve disturbed someone indoors and hopefully make a quick getaway.

With Hive, this is all done through Hive Actions in the app. You can choose from popular pre-set actions or spend a few minutes setting up your own.

Find out more about some of the simple ways you can use Hive’s family of smart products to improve your home’s security in our guide to smart home security.

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