Hive HomeShield: For home security on holiday

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Did I set the alarm? Lock the door? Will the neighbours call me if something happens? A holiday is a great way to take your mind off day-to-day life, but it can be hard to let go, relax and not run through all the things you might have forgotten.

The good news is that our smart home alarm system, Hive HomeShield, doesn’t just keep your home and everything in it safe – it also keeps you informed. So, whether you’re on a sun lounger or the slopes, you can genuinely switch off.

Build a smart alarm that’s just right for you

Every home is different, and every family’s needs are different. So, before we look at exactly how Hive HomeShield can protect your home, it’s worth explaining a little bit about how it works.

You can subscribe to HomeShield, which gives you access to all sorts of security features in the app. From there, you can set up devices and build a security system tailor-made for your home.

You could begin with a Starter Home Pack containing a siren, motion sensors and a keypad. Then add in outdoor cameras and window and door sensors before you head off on a big trip. Giving you extra peace of mind while you’re away.

Check in on what’s happening in and around your home, whenever, wherever

Hive HomeShield is a great way to keep tabs on your home in real time. The app links up with both your outdoor and indoor cameras, live streaming to your smartphone around the clock.

With cameras to watch your house, you don’t need to keep worrying about what might be happening back home. You can simply log into the app to double check. Think of it as a travel security camera.

Then, if you see something on the outside or inside home cameras that you don’t like the look of, you can get in touch with a neighbour (or the police) to let them know what’s going on.

Alternatively, if you’re enjoying some time away from it all and don’t have great internet connection, shared access means it’s also really easy for neighbours to check in on your home for you. So you can relax and concentrate on making the most of your holiday.

Get instant alerts if anything happens

That said, even if you do have great WiFi, you don’t want to have to be checking in all the time. That’s why Hive HomeShield also sends you instant intelligent alerts to your smartphone the moment your camera or sensors notice anything – for 24/7 vacation home security.

As an extra deterrent, Hive cameras also have two-way audio. So you can call out any trespassers in their tracks.

Set and change access codes and emergency contacts

It’s also really easy to set different PINs for different people and choose when each PIN stops working via the HomeShield app. You can also give a temporary code to a neighbour to check in on the house or feed the cat while you’re away.

It’s straightforward to add emergency contacts too. So, if the whole neighbourhood is away for Christmas, you can always add a friend or family member, so they can pop by instead.

Automatically download and save important camera footage

Once you’ve been alerted to a problem you can head directly over to the HomeShield app where your home’s smart cameras will show exactly what’s going on. All the footage is saved without you having to do anything, meaning you can look back to get a better idea of what caused the alert.

Our smart alarm system also creates detailed incident reports. Depending on what smart security devices you have, it will automatically gather together helpful information like where there was movement or what time a window was opened. It’s then really easy to share this with police or your insurance company.

Forgot to set your alarm?

With the HomeShield app, you no longer need to second guess whether you turned the alarm on as you rushed out the house with suitcases and children in tow. You can just use your smartphone or smartwatch to enable and disable alarms in your home when you are out of it, whenever you like.

Find out more about how Hive HomeShield works, how to install it, protect your home and enjoy your holiday on our smart home security page.

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