Hive View Outdoor: protect your property whatever the weather

Side angle view of Hive Outdoor Camera attached to a wooden wall with grey cloudy sky in the background and rain falling on the camera

When you’re looking for an outdoor security camera, you need to know it can withstand anything the elements are likely to throw at it – from sun and snow to hail and hurricanes – and carry on working. Our can do exactly that. Let’s take a closer look at a few of its clever features built to handle the great British weather.

Extreme temperatures

Anything in your garden is likely to be subject to some quite extreme temperatures from very cold winters to hot sunshine come summer. was designed to perform well in both. Its robust, weatherproof design can withstand temperatures of -20°C to +45°C (-4°F to +113°F).


A common complaint with everything from outdoor cameras to security lights is that they can be set off by something as unthreatening as a tree blowing in the wind.

You obviously don’t want to be alerted every time a leaf blows across the lawn, which is why comes with person detection. This means it can tell the difference between a person and flurry of leaves so it’s great for avoiding false alarms.

Dark, gloomy days

On overcast, wintery days some cameras struggle to get a clear picture. Instead, the footage on your phone will look dark and hazy. This is where the really comes into its own as it has automatic night vision. Outdoor wireless security cameras with night vision aren’t just useful after dark, night vision ensures you get a really clear image when it’s grey, overcast and gloomy too.

Heavy Rain

The pitter patter of raindrops can actually be really loud, and this can present a problem if you have a wireless outdoor security camera with an audio function. Rather than hearing any problems with your home, you end up with a recording of rain beating on the roof tiles. The has in-built noise cancellation technology. This handy function improves the sound quality of the audio signal by blocking out background noise created by rain, wind or traffic.

Bright sunshine

Of course it’s not just bad weather that can make it difficult to see. Bright, glaring sunshine can also be a problem. But with the you can easily alter the angle of the camera direct from your phone, so you can steer it away from the sun and make sure you’re getting the best possible picture.

comes with lots of smart features to make sure it carries on working whatever the weather. And there are lots of other great things it can do too, such as linking with other smart products like lights. So the moment Hive View Outdoor

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