Hive View Outdoor: Possibly the ultimate outdoor CCTV camera

Side angle view of Hive Outdoor Camera attached to a smooth concrete wall with blue sky and green tree in the background

If you’re thinking of buying an outdoor camera to add to your home security, today’s WiFi smart cameras can do so much more than old-school outdoor CCTV cameras. That includes our very own . It’s full of great features to give you peace of mind and security. Let’s take a closer look.

Hive View Outdoor: smarter than traditional CCTV monitoring software

In the past, a home security camera meant a bulky CCTV camera and monitor. Fine for offices or public spaces but less practical for your home. The good news is, Hive View Outdoor is a sleek piece of kit designed to fit seamlessly onto the outside of your house. It also records straight to the cloud so you can use your existing phone or tablet (or both) as the monitor.

Hive View Outdoor: simple to set up

We’ve worked hard to make the as easy to install as possible. Granted, you will need a ladder and some tools, but we provide simple to follow instructions through the app. The camera also comes with grommets to protect the wire from getting damaged during installation and keep it neat. Alternatively, if you need a little help, we can set you up with a British Gas engineer to do it for you.

Hive View Outdoor: live stream with a tap of the app

Once installed, it’s incredibly easy to start using the Hive View Outdoor. Just add the camera to the Hive app on your phone and follow the instructions to start recording. If you’re away from home and you want to check in, just open up the app and use your phone as a CCTV monitor screen. It means wherever you are in the world, you have a real-time view of what’s going on at home whenever you need it.

Hive View Outdoor: speak to who you see

Another great benefit of the Hive View Outdoor is two-way audio. This means you can tell an unwanted visitor to go away. But perhaps even more useful, your camera will tell you when the postman or delivery person has arrived. So you can tell them where to leave your package, even if you’re not at home.

Hive View Outdoor: only records if it picks up a person

Motion detection is another helpful feature of the . This has two great benefits. Firstly, the camera will continually check for movement and send an instant alert to your phone when it does. It also means it can turn itself on and start recording, rather than recording continuously (and you only have to check footage that matters).

But that’s not all, the camera can also tell the difference between a person and a pet (or anything else that might trigger a camera, like branches blowing in the wind). So it won’t bother you every time the cat wanders across the lawn.

Hive View Outdoor: syncs with other smart devices

is part of a family of smart products

For instance, if you connect the camera to your , when the camera detects motion it will automatically turn the lights on inside your home. This is easy to do through Hive Actions in the Hive app and is a simple way of giving you greater peace of mind when you’re away.

Hive View Outdoor: police accreditation

But you don’t just take our word for it. has been accredited by Secured by Design. This mark of approval is the only way to obtain police accreditation for security related products in the UK.

Check out Hive’s full range of on the website.

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