How do motion sensor cameras work?

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Most smart security cameras are motion sensor cameras. This means that they have a smart sensor built-in – and that’s the key to your smart camera always being ready to record when something happens.

How does the motion sensor in your camera work?

The technical name for the sensor at the heart of most smart cameras is a PIR – or Passive Infrared ­– sensor. It detects infrared energy given off by humans and animals. When the sensor notices a sudden increase in this energy, it turns a smart camera on and it starts recording. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor motion sensor camera for your home, the sensor works the same way. You can even set some cameras – like Hive’s – to only detect people (and not pets), because they can ignore heat given off by anything below a certain weight.

Instant access to footage, anywhere

The moment your sensor detects motion – and your camera starts recording – you’ll get a notification. Then just tap the app on your smartphone or tablet to live stream footage being recorded by your camera at that very moment. So you can see exactly what’s going on. And if you can’t get to the app, no problem: your recordings will be stored on the cloud so you can watch them later.

Did you know that motion sensor cameras come with night vision?

A lot of smart cameras work just as well at night as they do during the day. Cameras with night vision emit infrared light (which is invisible to the naked eye) to ‘see in the dark’. This means they can live stream HD footage even when it’s pitch black outside – and you still get a perfectly crisp picture of what’s going on at home.

Linking motion sensor cameras with lights

Hive has a feature called Hive Actions that links your Hive View Outdoor smart camera with your Hive Lights. So the moment your camera turns on, so do your smart lights. Great for giving unwelcome visitors a little shock.

Watch out for wildlife with a motion sensor camera

Putting security aside, there’s also plenty of fun stuff you can do too. If you and your kids are into wildlife, you can keep an eye on any furry four-legged visitors that pay your home (or bins) a visit at night. Just open up the app to keep watch – or wait for a notification when something’s nosing around.

Motion sensor cameras for outdoors… and indoors

There are plenty of motion cameras out there on the market. Take a look at our Hive View Outdoor

If you want to see what’s up outside and look no further than the Hive View to keep an eye on the indoors.

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