IP Cameras: Six Smart Uses

Close-up of Hive Outdoor Camera, with a small green light showing, attached to a light concrete wall with a wooden panelled wall to the left

IP cameras are useful for a whole load of things around your home. First though, what is an IP camera? It stands for internet protocol camera and it’s another name for a smart camera or wireless camera that transmits and receives data over the internet. The camera connects to your tablet or smartphone using WiFi, allowing you to view a live stream from the camera wherever you are in the world.

1. Use a home IP camera for security

IP cameras are great for keeping an eye on your home or property when you’re away. Cameras like our Hive View Outdoor can live stream day and night in 1080p HD. So it’s easy to check in and see that everything’s as you left it. What’s even better is you can choose to receive a notification when your camera detects motion, sound or even people.

2. Use an outdoor IP camera to make sure you never miss a parcel

One of life’s little annoyances has got to be missing a delivery. Nobody likes standing in line at the sorting office or waiting at home for it to be redelivered. Installing an outdoor IP camera with two-way audio – like our Hive View Outdoor – is a way of making sure this never happens. When someone walks towards the door, you’ll get an alert to your phone. Then, what’s really cool is you can talk to the postman through the app and tell them where to hide the package.

3. Use an IP camera as a baby monitor

The grab and go function of cameras like the Hive View means they can also be used as a back-up baby monitor - if you’ve got friends visiting for the day and they need to put their child down for a nap, for example. Just pick it up from its base and move it anywhere in your home.

4. Use an IP camera to catch up

IP cameras are a great way of catching up with the family when you’re not at home. As most cams come with a wide angle, it’s easy to chat with everyone - no huddling around a phone screen or only getting half your daughter’s face in view.

5. Use a cloud IP camera to capture family moments

An IP camera also makes a great in-house photographer, and means you can capture the moment without losing anyone behind the camera. As most IP cameras, such as Hive View, store footage in the cloud it’s really easy to download recordings or photos straight to your smartphone. So, if it’s a family moment or a funny moment you can share it in an instant.

6. Use an IP camera with other smart devices

On its own, there are lots of great things a smart camera can do to help you around the home. But the possibilities are endless if you take a few moments to link your IP camera to other smart devices.

You can link it with your lights, for example. Then, the moment your camera detects movement, on they go. Just the thing for a little extra security if you’re away.

If you’d like to take a closer look at Hive’s range of Hive View for your home, visit the products section of our website.

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