Keep an eye on home while you’re away with Hive View Outdoor camera

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Staycation is the new vacation

Lockdown is easing and the word ‘holiday’ is on everyone’s lips. It may not be sombreros and sangrias this summer but a good old staycation at the seaside or a tranquil Brit beauty spot will do wonders to help us relax and recharge.

The last thing you need is to lie awake worrying about whether your snazzy new home-office equipment is getting unwanted attention while you’re away.

So it’s not surprising that smart home security solutions are more popular than ever – and our Hive View Outdoor camera has all the features you need for peace of mind.

Give your worries a holiday with Hive View Outdoor camera

Choose a Hive View Outdoor camera for your home security and you can feel totally relaxed on your break away while you keep an eye on things back home through your Hive app.

While you’re sunning on the costa del Dorset you can live stream your home directly to your phone. And the moment your camera detects sound, motion or people it will start recording and send you a notification so you can check if it’s the postman, the neighbour’s cat or an unwelcome visitor.

Answer your front door from the beachfront bar

Expecting a delivery while you’re away? Use our smart outdoor security camera to livestream who’s at your door. Then tell the delivery driver where to stash your package with two-way audio, before you get back to enjoying your surf and turf.

Stay in sync while you’re away

For an extra layer of security, why not link up to your other smart devices? For instance, if you connect the camera to your Hive Smart Lights, when the camera detects motion it will automatically turn the lights on inside your home. Actions are super easy to set up through your Hive app and a great way of giving you more chill time and less worry time while you’re on your hols.

Installation is as easy as packing your bags

Gone are the days when setting up an outdoor security camera meant bringing in the specialists. Now you can set them up yourself in an hour or quicker. You can follow our in-app guide or access the fitting instructions here.

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