Keeping your home safe with an outdoor security camera

Close-up of Hive Outdoor Camera, with a small green light showing, attached to a light concrete wall with a wooden panelled wall to the left

When people think about smart homes, it’s often the fun stuff that springs to mind. Like turning on your lights with your voice. Or dialling up your heating when you’re in bed. But smart tech can play a really useful role in keeping your home secure too - in particular smart lights, smart sensors and wifi outdoor security cameras.

Smart lights: make it look like you’re home

Don’t underestimate the power of smart lights when it comes to keeping your home secure. Being able to control them from your smartphone means you can turn them on or off from anywhere and make it look like someone’s home when you’re out.

You can also set schedules so they turn on and off automatically which is perfect for when you’re away on holiday. Hive Lights also have a really clever feature called Mimic Mode that turns your lights on and off in a random pattern to make it look even more convincing. Just the thing for keeping any unwanted visitors guessing.

Outdoor home security cameras: keep an eye on your home from anywhere

Gone are the days when setting up an outdoor security camera meant bringing in the specialists. Now you can set them up yourself in an hour or quicker. They’re also wonderfully easy to use. The moment your camera detects sound, motion or people, your camera will start recording straight away – and it’ll send you a notification too. So you can see what’s what in real-time. You can live stream your home directly to your phone. A lot of outdoor wireless security cameras (like our Hive View Outdoor) also have night vision. So you can live stream the outside of your home in HD from wherever you are, day or night. Plus you can download footage of any suspicious activity, ready to share with the police or your insurance company online if needed.

Outdoor home security cameras: two-way audio

Two-way audio is another great feature on a lot of new smart cameras. You can speak to people at your door through the camera. It’s useful for telling the postman where to hide a package. And it’s quite nice for giving someone a fright if they’re lurking around your property.

And putting all the clever stuff aside… just having a camera up on your wall is often enough to make burglars think twice.

Hive Actions: connect your smart tech together

Of course, once your smart devices have picked up anyone snooping around - or noticed a problem - you need to know about it. Here again smart devices do a great job.

For example, the moment your smart camera or a motion sensor detects any movement, it will send you a notification on your smartphone. So you can get home quick. Or worse-case, if you’re sitting in a deckchair on the other side of the world, you can ask a neighbour to go round to your house and see what’s what. And if you don’t get a notification? No problem - you can relax.

In terms of other actions, if you have a Hive Light, you can link it to your sensor with Hive Actions. Then the moment the sensor detects movement, it doesn’t just send you an alert – it also turns a light on too. That could be enough on its own to keep people away.

Dialling up security in your home is straightforward with a smart device or two. Go to Hive for a look at all the other stuff they do too.

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