Smart home security equipment for a safe and secure home

The rise of smart home technology is revolutionising home security – enabling you to protect your property using your smartphone.

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Cat burglar, or just the cat

Traditional home security systems and burglar alarms are brilliant at doing what they’re made for – making a big noise when someone breaks into your house.

The problem? There’s a lot about them that really isn’t very user friendly. They’re complicated to install. Some still involve wires to connect rooms. And when they go off and you’re not there, unless they’re plugged into the police you don’t actually know until you’re back. In addition, CCTV cameras rely on you re-watching hours of footage. And security lights inevitably go off when the neighbour’s cat walks through your garden.

But help is at hand (quite literally). Thanks to the latest smart technology, it’s never been easier to create a safe and secure home - and keep it that way.

Smart home alarms

A smart home alarm combines all the best bits of a conventional burglar alarm with the latest innovative smart technology, giving you the ability to observe, control and interact with your home from wherever you are in the world.

One of the biggest benefits is that wireless smart home security systems connect to your smartphone or tablet.

You can be instantly alerted if your smart alarm detects an intruder. A lot of smart alarms also allow you to watch and record footage on your smartphone to check who it is. And some even have two-way audio so you can speak to (cue scare the life out of) anyone there.

You can also turn your smart alarms off with your smartphone. Useful if you want to give someone access to your home without sharing your passcode, or if the kids have come home and forgotten it.

How to buy the best – smart home security reviews

There are currently a wide range of smart home security systems in the UK. With options ranging from those made by companies synonymous with home security, like Yale, to newer technology firms, there’s a smart system to suit all homes and budgets.

Extra smart home security

There’s no doubt that smart home alarms and smart home security systems are an innovative and affordable way to keep your home safe and secure (any smart home security system review will confirm this).

However, there are lots of other great products now getting the smart upgrade that can help keep your home safe and sound too.

Here’s our top three additions to your alarm that will make a big difference to protecting your property, securing your shed or guarding your garage:

1. Smart home security camera

With many now offering features like two-way audio, facial recognition and night vision they are smart choice for keeping your home secure. Unlike traditional CCTV cameras, they have a live stream so you can see what’s happening in real time, and they’ll ping you a notification on your smartphone if they notice anything.

In order to avoid false alarms, some cameras (like Hive View Outdoor) can also recognise the difference between a pet and a person – and only notify you when it’s a person. Most cameras are wireless so you can move them in a moment, and with 3600 view they can cover the whole of the front of the house, or a whole room, so you don’t need masses of cameras.

2. Lights that look after your home

Leaving a light on has long been used as a simple way to deter burglars. But you need to remember to leave them on, or set the timer before you leave. It’s a waste of electricity. And how much of a deterrent is the landing light on for a week really going to be?

With things get much more convincing (and energy efficient). You can turn lights on and off from your smartphone wherever you are in the world. And with programmes like Mimic mode you can get your lights to turn on and off automatically in a slightly varied pattern each evening to really look like you’re there.

3. Sensors

Next up in the security stakes are that identify unusual movement around your home and send you an instant notification. They can also be attached to windows and doors, meaning you only need check your smartphone to make sure they are all closed before heading out. You will also get an alert straight to your smartphone should one get opened when you’re out.

Hive Actions

All of these devices are good on their own. But the other great thing about smart technology is you can get your smart devices working together for an extra level of security.

With Hive, you do this through Hive Actions. For example, you can program a motion sensor downstairs to turn on a light upstairs if it detects someone moving in the dark, so it looks like you’ve woken up. These sorts of actions are really simple to set up through the app and get your home working seamlessly around you for even smarter security.

If you’re looking for more smart shopping ideas, why not take a look at Hive’s full range of products, including smart thermostats, and a whole lot more.

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