Smarter security: with outdoor motion sensor lights and smart cameras

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If you’re looking for an affordable, easy way to keep your home safe from prying eyes, two great options are outdoor motion sensor lights and smart cameras. Let’s take a look at the benefits of both.

The benefits of outdoor motion sensor lights

Outdoor motion detector lights are an easy addition to your home. Built-in sensors detect heat waves radiating from moving objects, like people or animals, then trigger lights to come on. They’re really useful for several reasons:

Outdoor motion sensor lights are a deterrent

Most property break-ins happen at the back of people’s houses where it’s more likely to be dark. With a motion sensor light they won’t be able to hide under the cover of darkness, which makes it much harder for them to break in – and less likely for them to try in the first place.

Motion sensor outdoor wall lights are also useful for keeping unwanted pests like foxes off your lawn too.

Outdoor motion sensor lights are easy to install

It used to be that all outdoor motion sensor lights ran off mains electricity. So unless you were a whizz at DIY you’d probably need a professional to connect them up. These days it’s much easier. Solar or battery-powered motion sensor outdoor lights are readily available. You can install these yourself with little more than a ladder and a drill.

Outdoor motion sensor lights are simple to operate

Outdoor security lights with a motion sensor are really straightforward to use too. Once you set them up you can leave them on all the time. A lot of models also let you choose the range of the motion sensor, from a few feet to well over 100 feet. This means you can choose a range that best suits your property – so your lights will react to trespassers and not traffic.

The benefits of outdoor smart cameras

The second, and more comprehensive, option for adding an extra layer of security to your home is a camera. The new generation of smart cams now on the market come with a whole lot of great benefits, they’re easy to install, and they won’t cost you the earth.

Outdoor smart cameras allow you to live stream your home wherever you are

Most outdoor smart cameras contain a motion sensor that will check for movement and start recording automatically. They send you notifications and can also livestream footage to your phone. So you know the instant something might be wrong. And you can check up on your property straight away.

Some, like the Hive View Outdoor, can also tell the difference between a person and a pet (or anything else that might trigger a camera, like falling leaves). So it won’t bother you every time the neighbour’s cat wanders across the lawn.

Outdoor smart cameras let you speak to people at your door

Another useful benefit of most smart cameras is two-way audio. This means you can tell an unwanted visitor to go away. Perhaps even more useful, your camera will tell you when the postman or delivery person has arrived, then you can then tell them where to leave your package, even if you’re not at home.

Outdoor smart cameras sync with other smart devices

Finally, some smart cameras can even link up to other smart products in your home. If you have a Hive View Outdoor, for example, you can connect it to your Hive Lights. That way, when your camera detects motion it will automatically turn the lights on inside your home – which will make it look even more like someone’s there. This is easy to do through Hive Actions in the Hive app and it’s a great way of giving your home another layer of protection.

Learn more about lightscameras and actions over on the products section of the Hive website.

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