Thinking about a CCTV monitor? It's time to try a smart cam

Hive View Outdoor attached to a white concrete wall with evergreen trees growing at the side of the wall

Security cameras for your home have become more and more sophisticated over the years – and the latest wireless smart cameras have really changed the game. In fact, here at Hive we think there’s never been a better time to get involved.

Smarter than traditional CCTV

Historically, a home security camera has meant a big, clunky CCTV camera and CCTV monitor. Fine for business premises or public spaces but less practical for your home.

The good news is the new generation of home smart cameras are suitable for any property from a country home to a flat. Wireless security camera technology is a huge step on from traditional CCTV monitoring software, and the actual camera design is now a big differentiator too.

Easy to Install

One of the big differences to previous CCTV cameras is that the latest wireless security cameras are so simple to install. If you’re comfortable using a power drill, you can just do it yourself. But if you need a helping hand, a lot of camera providers – including Hive – have plenty of installation support.

Requires minimal space

Another thing we love about smart cameras is they take up so much less space than old-school security cameras, which tend to include a separate CCTV camera and monitor. In contrast, a wireless camera records to its internal memory card or straight to the cloud. You then use your existing phone or tablet (or both) as the monitor. So all you need are the gadgets you’ve already got.

Discreet design

One of the great things about having a camera is that they act as a deterrent before they’ve even been turned on. Snoopers see them and that’s enough for them to move on. The downside to that of course is that traditional security cameras are not particularly nice to look at.

However, design is another area where smart cameras are getting so much better than CCTV cameras. They’re obvious enough for people to know they’re there – but their clean, elegant shape will fit most surroundings – take a look at our Hive View Outdoor, for example.

Switch to privacy mode

It’s worth mentioning how easy it is to make sure you’re only recording the things you actually want. Privacy mode means you can make sure your camera isn’t recording anything when you don’t want it to. Just turn it on or off with a tap – or set a schedule – all in the app.

Easy access to footage

CCTV cameras tend to continually record, so if you need to find footage, that can potentially mean hours spent huddled over a monitor trying to find that crucial moment. Smart cameras start recording the instant they detect movement so you don’t have to look back through hours of irrelevant footage. And Hive cameras store whatever they see straight to the cloud so you can access it anytime, anywhere – all through your smartphone.

Greater peace of mind

Finally, the point of a camera in the first place – extra peace of mind. Unlike traditional CCTV with a monitor, a smart camera can send an instant alert to your phone if it detects a problem. No alert? No need to worry.

Want to take a closer look? Read more about Hive’s cameras on the products section of our website.

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