What smart tech can I use to protect my bike?

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There’s nothing like the freedom of a bike. They’re good for the health, great for the wallet and better for the environment. For even the least committed cyclist, biking is a byword for a day well spent. It’s why bike security is so important. A nicked wheel when you’re out and about feels like someone’s stolen your way home and a bike looted from your back garden is even worse.

Behind every happy cyclist is a totally secure bike, and these days there are so many smart gadgets to keep your beloved two-wheeler secure, from bike wall locks to motion sensor bike alarms. We’ve picked a few of the best, for when you’re at home and on the go.

Securing your bike at home

Sadly, just keeping your bike out of site and using a garage bike lock or even a bike wall lock isn’t always enough to keep your precious two-wheeler totally safe. But, with the right smart home security, you can let would-be thieves know you (and your wheels) aren’t easy targets.

Step up bike security with smart lights

Nothing stops snoopers like a light in the face, so up your bike’s security with some smart lights. Set them up in the path a thief would take towards where your bike is stored, then link them up to a motion sensor bike alarm.

The sensor will trigger the lights when they detect movement and send an alert straight to your phone. If you’re not at home, the motion sensor bike alarm will store 7 days of detected movement, so you can always go back and review. And when they’re not needed, you can just turn the feature off through the app on your phone.

Use a smart bike security camera and know the moment there’s motion

Whether you’ve got a flash new racer with all the bells and whistles or you’ve been riding the same beloved boneshaker for years, keep an eye on it with a smart bike security camera. A smart camera like the Hive View Outdoor, live streams footage straight to your smartphone so you can keep tabs on your bike, wherever you are.

As it comes with a two-way audio system, you can use it to speak to whoever’s in sight. Or you can set off a siren to let whoever’s there know you’re onto them.

With its new activity zones feature, you can also use the Hive View Outdoor to monitor activity in specific areas. So, if your bike’s in the garage, focus the camera on the driveway, and use thumbnails to home in on particular movements. Our camera comes with HD live streaming and night vision too. That way you’ll be able to see what’s going on wherever you are, whatever the weather.

Securing your bike on the go

When you’re on the road a high security bike lock is a must. But with smart tech, you can protect your bike even further.

Attach a bike light camera to your handlebars for a second pair of eyes

Theft isn’t the only crime faced by cyclists. In major cities, where all manner of vehicles compete for space, pedalling itself can be a hazard.

If your commute is filled with angry drivers and heavy-duty vehicles, a second pair of eyes might give you confidence in a traffic crush, and the Cycliq Fly12 CE will do just that:

  • With the front facing camera and powerful light, it doubles up as a dash cam to capture the good, the bad, and the ugly at “up to 60 frames per second’

  • It can work well as a front or rear bike camera

  • You’ll have everything going on around you on record, as well as a motion sensor bike alarm that connects with the Cycliq app.

  • Great for security if you’re taking a quick bathroom or coffee break.

Keep your bike secure with a smart bike lock

Realistically, there’s no such thing as a theft proof lock and regular cyclists often use two high security bike locks. To step your bike security up even further, try a smart bike lock.

If you’re staying close to your bike all day (school or work, for example), the Nulock keyless Bluetooth lock is an ideal theft deterrent. Its in-built bike motion alarm will sound if your bike is being fiddled with, like if someone tries to clip the cable.

It’ll be obvious to the thief (and passers-by) that they’ve been busted and, provided you’re in range, you’ll be notified on your device too.

Become a super sleuth with a hidden GPS tracker

The Sherlock bike tracker is a really discreet option for tracking your bike. It fits inside your handlebars for GPS bike security that’s lightweight and totally secret.

Start by creating a bike profile in the free to use app. Get them synced, and when you lock your bike and leave it, hit ‘activate’. If someone then tries to move it, you’ll be alerted, and can use Google Maps to track them down.

Keen to learn more about smart home tech? Check out Hive’s family of smart home products and how they can make your life easier.

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