Indoor cameras: helping you check in when we’re eventually out

Hive Indoor Camera sitting on a white drawer unit in a bright living room with a dog in front of the unit looking at the camera

One of these days we’re going to leave lockdown behind. The kids will be back at school, you could be back at the office and that new puppy will have the run of the house!

And when that happens, having a smart indoor camera keeping you connected to your home could be a big plus. This article is here to tell you why – but first…

How do you use a smart camera?

To use a smart camera you need a smartphone and broadband. Once it’s plugged into a power socket, your indoor camera connects to your Wi-Fi. You can then livestream what your camera is seeing at home through an app on your phone.

When do you use a smart indoor security camera?

Smart indoor cameras give you an extra layer of security when you’re away from home. The moment they detect movement they start recording and send a notification to your phone. Then you can see what’s happening from wherever you are, while any footage is stored securely in the cloud.

But security aside there are all sorts of other ways smart cameras can give you peace of mind…

Did you fall in love this lockdown?

Puppies. Kittens. Goldfish. There’s been a lot of love for new pets this lockdown. But what happens when your new addition to the family is left home alone for the first time

Well, if you’re worried about the creature causing mischief – or you’re missing it – a smart camera is perfect for keeping an eye on things. Just open up the app and livestream what’s happening in your living room.

If it’s snoozing blissfully on the sofa, watch till your heart’s content. But if it’s clawing its way up the curtains, you might want to do something about it. Luckily, Hive View comes with a two-way audio function built-in. So you can speak through the camera and tell it to calm down – and climb down.

Keep a close eye on those kids

If your kids are old enough to get themselves back from school, it’s always nice to know when they’re home. Smart cameras, like ours, send notifications to your phone the moment they detect movement so you’ll know when they walk back through the door.

And if you want to make sure they’re doing their homework – just to make sure those hours you put in home schooling aren’t going to waste – you can livestream and take a quick peek.

Stay closer to older relatives

If you have an older relative living alone, smart cameras are great for giving the whole family peace of mind. They don’t have to be invasive or get in the way of anyone’s privacy. Just use motion detection to get a notification in the morning so you know they’re up and about.

Of course, livestreaming is always an option too – just in case there’s an emergency and you need to see what’s happening.

Get your whole home working around you

At Hive, we’re all about making your home a smarter place to be. So we have a family of different devices that all connect to each other like our thermostat, radiator valves, sensors, lights and plugs – as well as smart indoor and outdoor cameras.

When you link smart devices together there are all sorts of clever things you can do to make life easier. Like setting sensors to turn up the heating the moment you get home. Or landing lights that turn on at night when you walk past.

Here to keep you connected

The thought of being out and about again is exciting. But if you want to stay close to home when lockdown’s lifted, take a look at what a smart camera can do. It could be just the thing to make sure you never feel too far away.

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