What are the best smart cameras for pets?

Black and white dog lying on a grey sofa and chewing on a blue cushion with a Hive View Indoor Camera and a grey mug lying on it's side on a light wood coffee table in the foreground

Do you have a pet dog? Cat? Iguana? Then you might find it a bit stressful when you have to leave them on their own for a while. Well, a smart camera can solve that. In this article we’ll take a look at how they help you keep an eye on your furry (or scaley) friends, what they cost and where you should put them.

What makes a smart camera… a pet camera?

Smart cameras sit inside your home or on an outside wall and keep an eye on things. You can check in anytime to see what’s happening on your smartphone. And they send notifications when they detect anything.

But if you want to use one specifically as a cat camera or dog camera, these are the key features you should look out for:

  • Livestreaming

With instant livestreaming, you can open up the app on your smartphone and see what’s happening at home in real-time. Show off your snoozing puppy to your friends. Or double-check the cat’s not climbing up the curtains.

  • Two-way audio

About that cat. With two-way audio you can talk through the camera. So you can tell the cat to stop misbehaving. Or stop the dog tucking into the bins. (Hive has this feature on both our indoor and outdoor cameras and, pets aside, it’s also really useful for telling the postman where to leave a package if you’re not in.)

  • Pet detection

If you’re after a smart camera, the chances are you won’t just be using it as an indoor pet camera – you’ll also be using it for security. And when it comes to protecting your home, the best pet cameras (like ours!) can tell the difference between people and pets.

If your camera doesn’t have pet detection you’ll get a notification every time your pet moves which will get pretty annoying. However, if you have pet detection, your camera will ignore your pet and only send notifications if it spots a person. Much smarter.

  • Night vision

Both our indoor and outdoor cameras have night vision and the big advantage of that is pretty obvious: you can keep an eye on things any time of day. But night vision can be a lot of fun when you’re at home too…

If you have pets then your family are probably animal lovers. And if you have an outdoor camera with night vision you can watch nocturnal visitors like hedgehogs and foxes make your garden their own at night! It’s a great way of getting the kids into wildlife.

Where’s the best spot for my pet monitor camera?

If you’re after an indoor pet camera, ours comes on a stand so you can place it just about anywhere. It also has a 130° wide-angle lens so you get a really wide field of view. We’d suggest putting it out of reach in the corner of your living room – or whichever room your pet spends most of its time in. Ours is a WiFi pet camera so it doesn’t need to plug into the router. It just needs a power socket.

If you’re using an outdoor camera, you’ll be the best judge of where it should go! Most people have it monitoring their garden so they can keep an eye on pets going about their business as well as wildlife (as we mentioned before).

But if you have a cat that likes to roam, you can put it above the front door so you can see if it walks up the street. Plus it’s useful having it there so you can see people that come to your door.

How much does a smart pet camera cost?

Our indoor and outdoor cameras cost £179 each. As well as being packed with all the smart features we’ve mentioned above (and more), they connect with a whole family of other Hive devices.

Link them with your smart lights so when your camera spots something, on they go. Or integrate them with HomeShield, our smart alarm system, and take even more control of your home security.

From a pet cam to a smart home in a couple of steps

You might begin your search looking for a simple smart dog camera, but with something like Hive’s you’ll discover they can also do so much more.

Have a look at our indoor and outdoor cameras for more on how they help you look after your pets, give you peace of mind and generally make you purr.

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