Hive Thermostat Frame

With a Hive Thermostat Frame your thermostat blends perfectly into your home, with colours matched to the Dulux™ signature colour range.

Chose a frame colour
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Blend in or stand out

Blend your thermostat to your walls or compliment them with contrasting shades.

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Thermostat frame specifications

Match your thermostat to your walls with colours from the Dulux™ signature range

Install it yourself easily in two minutes

Change the look as often as you like


Rich Black

Mulberry Burst

Redcurrant Glory

Moroccan Flame

Lemon Punch

Luscious Lime

Proud Peacock

Teal Tension

Sapphire Salute

Urban Obsession



Width: 100mm

Height: 100mm

Depth: 28mm




Fits the current generation Hive Active Heating Thermostat

What's in the box
Thermostat Frame

Thermostat frame

Frequently asked questions
How do I fit my frame to my thermostat?

Firstly, you'll need to remove your thermostat from the wall:

  • Press the tab at the bottom

  • Remove your thermostat from the backplate by lifting it off its hooks

To change the frame:

  • Hold the thermostat in one hand with the dial in your palm

  • With the other hand squeeze the two tabs on the back together

  • You can then push the frame off the back of the thermostat

  • The new frame should be slid on from the back and click into place

Which thermostats does the frame fit?

The frame is designed to fit the current generation Hive Active Heating 2 thermostats (both wireless and wired versions). It is not compatible with the Hive 1 thermostat.

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