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What is Ready By?

Ready By is a smarter way to control your heating. Hive determines when your boiler should be turned on so that your home is at your desired temperature when you get out of bed or arrive home. Just like pre-heating your oven.

Hive will learn how quickly your home warms up and uses this to decide when it needs to switch your heating on to be warm when you want it. You set up your schedule to tell Hive what temperatures you want and when. Hive makes sure your home is warmed up just in time, without wasting energy by starting to heat up too early. If you’ve set a schedule event for 20°C at 07:00, Hive will work out when to start your boiler so that the temperature should be reached by 07:00.

With Ready By switched on you will notice that your heating will start to warm up your home up to 60 minutes before your next schedule event (but only if your home is not already warm enough).

We won't start your boiler more than 60 minutes early, so if your home is very cold or warms very slowly your heating may not always warm up in time - in this case, Ready By might not be suitable for you. 

Hive Hint: Set up Ready By to -
1) Avoid waking up to a cold home or coming home to a cold home (Hive starts your heating early to get to the right temperature at the right time)
2) To save energy by not turning your heating on before you need to (energy savings will depend on your previous schedule and rate of home heating)

Find out how to set up Ready by here

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