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Hive Hub product

Hive Hub


The essential Hive Hub is the brains of your smart home. It connects all your devices to the internet – and to each other. So you can control everything straight from your smartphone.

All you need is one Hive Hub to get all your Hive devices connected and working seamlessly.

A family around the dining room table in their smart home.

For a home that always knows what you want

A Hive customer viewing their savings on the Hive App on their smart phone.

Saving money starts here

The Hive Hub makes all our smart features possible. By linking your Hive tech together, you can create energy-saving actions and access handy insights that make it easy to save money.

A Hive Hub placed in a hallway inside a smart home.

Quick to install and easy to use

Just plug it straight into your broadband router, follow the instructions on the Hive app and pair it with your Hive devices. Then you’re ready to start saving energy and lowering those bills!

A Hive Hub and Hive Thermostat Mini in use inside a smart home.

The heart of your smart home

The clever Hub stores all your schedules and keeps all your data safe. So you can get back to enjoying a seamlessly connected home.