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Hive Plugs product

Hive Plug


Monitor power-hungry appliances and only ever use the energy you need with a Hive Plug. Simply connect it like a normal adaptor and transform any device in seconds. And it’ll boost the signal to your other Hive devices too.

Do you already have a Hive Hub?

A Hive Hub connects all your Hive devices together so you can control them from your smartphone. It's an essential bit of kit that simply plugs into your broadband router. Then you're ready to go.

A Hive Plug being used by a household device in a family home.

Plug into greener living

Get your home working seamlessly

Set up Hive Actions to create a truly automated home. Like switching on a fan when it gets too hot, turning on the radio when you walk through the front door, or switching off the TV when it’s time for bed.

And when it's switched on, your Hive Plug will boost the signal between your Hub and other Hive devices too.

Take control of power-hungry devices

Just how much energy is your toaster, telly or tumble dryer using? Connect them to a Hive Plug and see exactly how much in the Hive app – making it easier to cut down your energy use and save on bills. Better yet, set specific schedules so they’re only on when you need them.

Turn things off from anywhere

Can’t remember if you left the iron on? Don’t worry, just check the app and we’ll tell you. And forget reaching for those awkward behind-the-sofa sockets too, all you need is the app.

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