Building a smarter, greener, all-electric future

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Hive is partnering with SNRG, specialists in next-generation electricity infrastructure, to showcase the possibilities of the latest energy management tech.

The show home of the future

Hive and SNRG have collaborated to create a zero-carbon modular ‘home of the future’ at the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre in Hamilton. The home is built to super-efficient Passivhaus standards and uses a range of Hive technology to take its energy efficiency even further.

The idea is to bring together the techniques, materials and technologies the construction industry can use today to build the all-electric, fossil-fuel-free communities of the future.

Microgrids – the next big thing?

Hive and SNRG have also been collaborating on a joint offering for developers interested in using microgrids in their construction projects. Microgrids are self-contained electricity networks that connect different users within a local area – and they could play a key role in helping the UK achieve its net zero goals.

They work by giving developments such as residential zones or business parks their own local electricity network that’s capable of operating in standalone ‘island mode’, or simply connecting as a single unit to the national grid.

SNRG’s SmartGrid technology connects every electrical resource on the network, from EV chargers and heat pumps to communal batteries and solar arrays. And once aggregated, all the resources can be managed and optimised using the Centrica DSR platform to deliver lower-carbon, lower-cost energy for everyone on the network.

Hive launched in 2013 and is one of the top smart thermostat providers in the UK. With 2.1 million customers and counting, it is part of British Gas, one of Britain’s leading suppliers of energy and services. The range of Hive products and services are designed to work together, to offer affordable, easy to use solutions and make a difference in people’s lives.

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