Are your gas and electricity bills higher than average? How to save with smart heating devices.

Have you ever wondered what the average energy bill is for households? Well, now you can find out - thanks to the Hive Active Heating calculator. Give it a whirl so you can compare the results to what you’re currently paying, as well as seeing how you can make potential savings too.

How much is the average energy bill in the UK?

Several factors will influence your energy bill, and different types of homes have different heating requirements. A larger property will need more heating, and a detached house could need more than a terraced one or a flat.

Average energy bills by property type

  • 1 bed flat: £373.36 annually / £31.11 monthly

  • 2 bed flat: £442.14 annually / £36.85 monthly

  • 3 bed flat: £510.93 annually / £42.58 monthly

  • 2 bed terrace: £422.78 annually / £35.23 monthly

  • 3 bed terrace: £487.24 annually / £40.60 monthly

  • 3 bed semi-detached: £487.24 annually / £40.60 monthly

  • 4 bed semi-detached: £684.83 annually / £57.07 monthly

  • 4 bed detached: £944.00 annually / £78.67 monthly

  • 5 bed detached: £1027.74 annually / £85.65 monthly

These figures are for London, but regional weather patterns and energy prices will also have an impact. The average gas and electricity bill of a two-bedroom flat in Dundee can be more than double that of one in Devon, whereas one in the Lake District is about the same as one in Leicester.

Average energy bills for a two-bedroom flat by region

  • North Scotland: £583.64 annually / £48.64 monthly

  • South Scotland: £568.63 annually / £47.39 monthly

  • North-east England: £509.60 annually / £42.47 monthly

  • North-west England: £499.96 annually / £41.66 monthly

  • Midlands: £499.87 annually / £41.66 monthly

  • South-east England: £292.72 annually / £24.77 monthly

  • London: £292.72 annually / £24.77 monthly

  • Wales: £271.33 annually / £22.61 monthly

  • South-west England: £240.11 annually / £20.01 monthly

Save money with smart home energy

However your current bills compare to the UK average, the good news is that you can lower them with smart tech. With Hive Active Heating and our smart radiator valves, you can control every aspect of your heating simply tapping the app or use your voice-activated device to control, so that each room in your home is always as warm as you want it to be – without ever wasting money or energy by heating an empty home.

Save even more with Hive Heating Plus

Already installed Hive Active Heating? You can lower your bills and increase your energy efficiency even further with Hive Heating Plus, the innovative subscription service that works in tandem with Hive Active Heating to give you personalised advice from Hive that could save you a further £40 during the cold months.

See more, spend less with the Heating Budget Tracker

The Heating Budget Tracker and Heating History show you exactly how much you’re spending and break down what’s driving that spend. It then uses that info to give you personalised money-saving recommendations, taking the guesswork out of saving.

Know if your heating is losing efficiency

Our Heating Efficiency Monitor monitors your home 24/7 to understand how efficiently it’s warming up and lets you know via the Hive app or text if it notices anything out of the ordinary. This means you know of any problems like a build-up of sludge in your radiator straight away, so you can get things fixed quickly before they become serious.

Top tips and extra discounts

Hive Heating Plus even integrates weather data. If a cold snap is forecast, the Integrated Weather feature will let you know and give you tips on how best to prepare and deal with it, suggesting the best heating schedule for your home.

Subscribers also get an extended warranty on our smart heating devices, as well as a 10% discount on our products and home repairs by Local Heroes.

All this costs just £3.99 per month, or £30.99 for an annual subscription that gives you two months for free. You just need to have a Hive Active Heating thermostat (not multizone) and a British Gas Energy online account to get started.

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