Is Hive Active Heating compatible with all boiler types?

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Here at Hive, we frequently get asked whether smart thermostats work with different types of boilers. It’s an important and understandable question – no-one wants to spend money on something they can’t actually use. So in this article we’re going to answer it with the attention and detail it deserves.

Will Hive Thermostats work with my gas boiler?

Our smart thermostats works with most UK gas-powered central heating systems. It also works with most Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) central heating systems, too.

Our smart thermostat doesn’t require you to replace your boiler. And although we’re a member of the British Gas family, our Hive boiler controls have been designed to work just as well with any brand – from a Glow-worm boiler to a Vailant boiler and everything in between.

Will Hive Thermostats work with my oil boiler?

Our Hive thermostats will also work just as well with most oil boilers as long as it currently has a conventional thermostat or programmer.

Will Hive Thermostats work with my combi boiler?

If you have a gas combi boiler, which controls both your heating and hot water, Hive can work with that too.

Will Hive Thermostats work with my electric boiler?

If your electric boiler works with a standard room thermostat or programmer, then Hive can control it. However, our smart thermostat can’t control storage heaters or individual plug-in electric room heaters.

And while we’re talking about all things electric, Hive doesn’t work with electric underfloor heating. But it will work with water-based underfloor heating.

So are there any types of boiler that Hive Thermostats are incompatible with?

In most cases, our Hive thermostats will work just fine with your boiler. However, there are a few small exceptions.

This includes solid fuel boilers (such as biomass systems and coal), and some Worcester Intelligent Appliance boilers and Worcester combi boilers. The following list of boilers aren’t compatible with any external heating controls apart from Worcester’s own TR2 room thermostat.

  • Worcester Bosch ICC2 - ZWBR 11-37A (GC number: 4710810)

  • Worcester Bosch *C*RD 537i (GC number: 4710811)

  • Worcester Bosch *C*RD 542i (GC number: 4710812)

  • Worcester Bosch Greenstar HE Plus - ZWBR 7-28A (GC number: 4731156)

  • Worcester Bosch Greenstar HE Plus - ZWBR 11-35A (GC number: 4731157)

  • Worcester Bosch *C* Greenstar 30 HE Plus Combi (GC number: 4731175)

  • Worcester Bosch *C* Greenstar 35 HE Plus L Combi (GC number: 4731176)

  • Worcester Bosch *C* Greenstar R 30HE Plus (GC number: 4731179)

  • Worcester Bosch *C* Greenstar R 35HE Plus (GC number: 4731180)

  • Worcester Bosch *C* Greenstar R 40HE Plus (GC number: 4731181)

How about installation?

When you buy a Hive thermostat, you have the option to pay a little extra for professional installation. We’ll then arrange for one of our expert partner engineers to pop over and install it all for you. It doesn’t matter if you have a Worcester Bosch boiler or a Vailant combi boiler – our partners have been carefully trained and know how to safely work with any make or model.

We’ll aim to have your new smart thermostat up and running in less than 90 minutes. And if for any reason, you don’t have a Hive compatible boiler you won’t have to pay us a penny.

Find out more about Hive Thermostats and smart ways to stay warm in our guide to smart heating.

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