A safe bet for home security – Which? scores HomeShield top marks

Family standing outside a brown brick house by the packed boot of a blue car, and Hive security devices on the house in the background, with a Hive HomeShield icon superimposed in the top left corner

When it comes to protecting your home there are so many different products out there, it’s hard knowing where to start.

But with a 5 star Best Buy recommendation from Which? for our HomeShield Starter Pack, making the right choice is easy.

Hive HomeShield is a smart home security system that lets you protect your home with the easy-to-use HomeShield dashboard in the Hive app. You can choose between three modes – Home, Sleep and Away:

  • Choose Sleep mode at night so while downstairs is armed, you can roam upstairs without setting off the alarm.

  • Home mode is ideal when your family are indoors but you still want the outside of your property to be monitored.

  • Dashing out in a rush? You can choose Away mode to arm all your devices, keeping your home safe while you’re out.

Watch our short HomeShield video and find out more about how this smart security system can fit in with your lifestyle.

Why Which? chose Hive for Best Buy

Our Starter Pack includes two contact sensors, one motion sensor, a hub, keypad and siren - perfect for a one or two bedroom home. You can set the alarm remotely, give the kids their own key codes and get alerts when motion is detected.

For those making their debut into the smart security world, it’s a really popular choice.

Here are just some of the reasons why Which? Magazine chose it too:

  • “A well designed smart security system”

  • “The loudest alarm on test”

  • “An easy to use app”

And that’s just for starters.

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Which HomeShield system is best for me?

The best HomeShield setup for you depends on a few things, like the size of your home and the level of protection you’d like.

With options ranging from window and door sensors, pet-friendly motion monitors and outdoor cameras, you can tailor the level of security to ensure the perfect setup for your home. We have four HomeShield packs to choose from, ranging from the Starter Pack (ideal for homes with one or two bedrooms), up to our Large Home Pack (for homes with four or more bedrooms).

Or, why not take our HomeShield Quiz and we’ll create a pack that’s just right for you.

How does the subscription service work?

All our home security packs now come with a new free HomeShield subscription which gives you access to a whole host of super smart features. For instance, you can set your alarm from anywhere, get instant alerts if activity is detected, and give different levels of access to other family members.

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