Six simple makeover ideas for your home

Bright white kitchen with three copper lights hanging from the ceiling, and plant pots with green herbs, a bowl of fruit and a vase filled with red flowers sitting on the kitchen island

As we’re all encouraged to stay at home for a while longer, now is a great time to tackle some home improvement. But with lots of DIY shops still closed and no way of calling in the pros if things go pear shaped, it pays to choose your tasks wisely. From channelling your inner Marie Kondo to the power of three, here are six easy ways to transform your home, without even leaving it.

1. Spend time on the small stuff

It’s amazing how spending an hour on a few little jobs can make a big difference to the look and feel of your home.

Try rearranging all your books by colour for a fun, vibrant focal point. It will help lift the entire room and is a great way to re-discover some old classics deserving of a second read.

Alternatively, reorganise your coffee table or mantelpiece using a professional design trick known as the rule of three. This idea means you only have three objects of different size, shape and colour on display.

Even if you’ve got lots of knick-knacks you can still make it work. Either by placing things like vases or candle sticks on top of books, so it only counts as one footprint. Or, by displaying an odd number of things. It looks more natural and less forced than symmetrical displays.

2. Switch up your sitting room

Bored of your much-used (and at the moment, much-seen) furniture? Switch things around to breathe new life into old favourites and revamp the décor of a room.

If you don’t fancy a big project, try moving a comfy armchair from your sitting room to the bedroom to create a different spot to read and Zoom your friends. Or, if you’re up for a bit more of a challenge shift around all the furniture in a room.

An easy way to do this is by moving the focal point. Most people automatically arrange their furniture around something like the TV or mantlepiece. But rip up the rule book and think imaginatively.

3. Use smart lights to get creative with colour

Smart lights are a quick and easy way to add a splash of colour to your home.

They’re super simple to install. You just screw them into your existing light fittings and pair with a home hub. Then you’re ready to start controlling your lights straight from your smartphone.

Hive’s colour-changing bulbs glow in 16 million colours. So you can pop a lamp behind an armchair and choose a warm red for a dramatic feature wall. Or light the corners of a small room in warm white to make the space appear bigger.

The great thing about these ideas is that unlike if it’s painted, you don’t need to spend ages agreeing on a colour and can change it as often as you want.

4. Clear out the clutter

It’s surprising the difference a big clear-out can make to the look of your home. And lots of studies show de-cluttering is great for your mood and general well-being too. Tidy desk, tidy mind and all that.

So channel your inner Marie Kondo and give yourself plenty of time to sort through wardrobes, attics and cupboards. De-cluttering can be tough but remember, if you haven’t used it for ages, the chances are you never will.

Once you’re done, bag up anything in good nick. Then store it at the back of a cupboard or in the boot of your car, ready to take to the charity shop when it re-opens.

5. Re-hang your art

Another easy way to give your home a fresh look is by taking down all the artwork and mirrors hanging on your walls and starting again.

Lie everything down on the floor to see what works well together. Then try arranging pictures in groups pictures to create a gallery wall. Or pop frames of different heights on a table and lean against the wall for a relaxed vibe.

6. Patch up your paintwork

Being stuck at home for so long inevitably means you start to notice niggly things like scuff marks on painted walls. The good thing is, it’s easy to fix and is a quick way to make the entire room look freshly painted.

If you’ve got some of the original paint knocking about be sure to do a patch test somewhere inconspicuous first as paint can change colour over time. Alternatively, order some tester pots online and your home will look as good as new in no time.

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