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What to do if your Hive Receiver has a red status light

If your receiver has a red status light this means it has lost connection to your thermostat. This could be due to poor signal between your devices or flat batteries in your thermostat. You may also see your heating showing as 'offline' in the Hive app.

When this happens, you can still turn your heating and hot water on and off by using the buttons on the receiver. When you press the central heating (or hot water) button, a green light will come on indicating that this function is on.

However, as the receiver is unable to communicate with the thermostat, it won't know when it has reached a target temperature so the boiler will remain on until you switch it off. You will need to press the relevant button on the receiver again to switch your heating or hot water off manually.

Hive Hint: Sometimes the Hive Thermostat will use any Hive Light bulbs you have to route temperature messages. This is normally fine but can cause the thermostat to drop offline . If this happens, just turn your lights off at the wall socket then take the batteries out of the thermostat and put them back in again. You should turn your lights back on once the thermostat has reconnected.

If the status light on the receiver remains red, try the below steps:

Step 1 

If you have an older version of the Hive thermostat then please follow the steps for Thermostat - no rf - Hive 1.

Step 2
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If you have the one of the newer versions of the Hive thermostat, then please follow the steps for Thermostat - no signal - Hive Thermostat/Hive Mini

Step 3
If the receiver status light remains on red after attempting this then switch the boiler off and then on again at the isolation switch/fuse spur (this should be located near your Hive Receiver next to your boiler). The receiver status light will then turn green. Wait 10 minutes and then go to 'manage devices' in the Hive app where the thermostat and receiver should now be showing as 'connected'.

If the receiver status light remains on red you may need to purchase a signal booster.

If you're still not up and running, please contact us.


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