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How do I group my Hive Lights?

You can now group your lights using Actions within the Hive app. Learn more about how to set up Hive Actions here.

You can also group your lights using Amazon Alexa:

1. Go to the menu, and select 'Smart Home'.
2. Select 'Groups'.
3 . Select 'Add Group', and then select a group type:
- Smart Home Group: Turn devices on/off, lock/unlock, and more.
4. Enter a name for your group or select from the list of 'Common Names'. When creating a name, make sure to:
- Give your group a recognizable name for Alexa to identify.
- Use names that have only a few syllables.
- Give each group a different name if you have multiple groups. Also try to avoid names that start with the same first word.
5. Select the bulbs you want to add to the group then tap 'Save' to finish.

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