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Why is my Hive Light showing as Offline in my app or online dashboard?

If your Hive Light is showing as offline in your Hive app or website dashboard it could be because it’s been switched off manually from the existing light switch on the wall or lamp.
Once turned off from the wall or lamp light switch it can’t be controlled remotely until switched back on at the switch.
If your wall or lamp light switch is switched on and you’re still unable to control Hive Light remotely, you may need to reset the device. 

Keep in mind that a reset will clear all schedules that were stored for the device, so it is worthwhile checking first of all that the Bulb is definitely able to receive power, and that you don’t have a faulty light fitting or tripped circuit breaker before resetting the Bulb.

If your Hive Light is still showing offline, here are instructions on how to reset your Hive Light:

  1. To reset the Hive Active Light, turn the bulbs off and on six times at the light switch, leaving a second’s pause between each flip of the switch. The light should then flash twice to show it is in pairing mode. Once the bulb has been reset, it will flash briefly to show it is searching for the Hive hub.

  2. When the bulb has flashed to indicate it is searching for the Hive Hub, log into the Hive app and click on the top left corner to open the menu, and then tap 'Install Devices'. Next tap on Install Hive Devices' and then “Other Hive Devices” and follow the instructions to install the Hive Light.

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