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How do I turn notifications on or off for my Hive Window or Door Sensor?

To enable or disable notifications for your Hive Window or Door Sensor follow the steps below:

Using the Hive app:

1. From either the honeycomb or list dashboards, tap on the Window or Door Sensor you'd like to enable alerts for.
2. Tap on the Actions tab. If you have Actions created for this sensor they will appear here.
3. Notifications for this sensor opening or closing are Actions, so simply find the Action in this list that is triggering notifications and tap the toggle in the corner of that action to enable or disable it.
4. If you haven't created a notification action already then tap the + button to get started.

Using the online dashboard:

1.  Head to your online account at and log-in if needed using your username and password
2.  Select your Hive Window or Door Sensor from the dashboard
3.  Under the Actions section, toggle the switch next to the notifications you want on or off

Alternatively you can access 'All Actions' from the Menu in the app or Hive website dashboard to view a list of all available notifications for the Hive products you have. From here you can also turn on or off your notifications and choose the format you receive them in.

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