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How do I reset my Hive Active Plug?

You can check if your Hive Active Plug is connected in the “Manage Devices” section in the app menu, or on the homepage of the Hive app if you have it on your dashboard. 

If your Hive Plug is offline, and you have confirmed it is switched on at the wall and has power, it may need to be reset. Keep in mind the reset will clear any saved schedules, so it may be worthwhile ensuring the socket it is plugged into definitely has power before concluding it needs to be reset. A power cycle of the device (off and on again) is also recommended to check if this brings the device back online. 

Assuming it is required, you can reset your Hive Active Plug by pressing and holding the button on the front for ten seconds. Once you see the light double flashing amber, you’re done! 
At this point you can then install the Hive Active Plug in your Hive app homepage by pressing “Add - Install New Device - Install Hive Devices - Other Hive Devices”. 

Your Hive Hub will now search for and pair with your Hive Active Plug.

If you’re still not up and running, please contact us.  



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