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How do I fit my Pet Friendly Sensor/Hive Motion Sensor?

To fit your sensor please follow the below guidance. Remember that removing the adhesive strips from paint can leave marks.

- Find a place that has a good view of the area you want motion to be detected in. Remember that pets can trigger your motion sensor. If you don't want this to happen try placing the sensor where pets cannot be seen

- Aim for around 2-3m from the floor as any higher may leave blind spots below

- Alternatively, you can rest it on its side on a table or shelf, then you may not need to fix it to the surface

- Your Motion sensor can detect motion up to 5 metres and has an 82° Vertical field of view and 94° Horizontal field of view, the Pet Friendly Sensor can detect motion up to 8 metres and has an 80° field of view vertically and horizontally

- The following might trigger a false motion alert:

• Direct sunlight hitting your sensor.

• Having a window in view (movement outside a window)

• Having a heat source in view (such as a hot air blower a draughty window or an air conditioning outlet)

• Lots of post coming through a letterbox in view

If you are fixing your Hive Motion Sensor in place then:

1. Check the signal before fixing your sensor in place, you can do this in the app or online dashboard under Manage devices

2. Peel two strips from the backing paper and stick to either the back or the two angled sides of the sensor depending on where you’re attaching it

3. Wipe the area on the surface where the adhesive strips will be attached and make sure it’s dry

4. Remove backing from the adhesive strips so that you can firmly place the sensor on the surface

5. When fixing the sensor in place, ensure there is enough space to slide open the case for future battery replacement

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